Back To School Outfit Ideas

Back to school season is right around the corner. I know I’m not the only one getting a little bit excited for all the newness to begin. I don’t know what it is about back to school that I love so much; maybe it’s the crisp fold of the new jeans, or the neatness of the new school supplies, or the sun-kissed glow you walk in with on the first day along with a mouthful of memories waiting to be shared with your friends. But who could forget the outfit you spent days picking out… Today I’m here to share with you five back to school outfit ideas. I hope you all enjoy!

*My school does not wear uniforms nor do we have a dress code. Feel free to alter these outfits to fit your dress code or personal desires.

I think this is my favorite of the five outfits so we’re going to start with it. I thrifted this button front denim skirt about three years ago. Who would’ve thought that they would be all the talk now a days. I styled this with a white top and my Jack Rodger look a likes for a very classy and put together look. With the skirt it’s very trendy and all together is the perfect happy-medium for the first day!

Outfit Details- shirt: Forever 21, skirt: thrifted/Mossimo, shoes: Pierre Dumas, watch: Target, bracelet: Boho Betty

I know a lot of schools can’t wear dresses that don’t reach their finger tips. I picked up this one from Forever 21 and it fit’s like a glove! It pairs perfectly with my Converse and is the easiest outfit ever to wear. So simple, so cute, and so comfy. I love how this can easily be transitioned into the fall as well.

Outfit Details- dress: Forever 21, shoes: Converse, watch: Target, bracelet: Boho Betty

I wanted to include an outfit that was paired with shorts; however, it occurred to me that some of you might not be able to wear shorts to school. Don’t worry I wear this outfit with cuffed jeans all the time as well. I wish you could see the detailing of this shirt, it has white and navy dots on it but unfortunately the camera didn’t pick it up. Anyways, a chiffon shirt, cuffed shorts, and a pair of matching sandals is perfect for the first week.

Outfit Details- shirt: Forever 21, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Pierre Dumas, watch:Target, bracelet: Boho Betty

I’m seriously considering wearing something similar to this on my first day of school.I just picked up these espardrilles from Forever 21 and am so in love and they are so in style right now. I see them constantly on my Instagram and in magazines and they paired perfectly with a little black dress. You can never go wrong with an outfit like this. You could always throw  a sweater over it too if your school doesn’t allow thin straps.

Outfit Details- dress: Old Navy, shoes: Forever 21, watch: Target, bracelet: Boho Betty

Lastly I wanted to throw in an outfit with white jeans. Gotta wear them as much as possible before Labor day :,). I threw on this super cute blouse for a dressy, classy look. This is perfect for my girls that prefer to keep their legs covered but still want to be trendy and comfortable. I am now realizing that three of these outfits included these shoes but they are seriously the best and look good with almost any outfit.

Outfit Details- shirt:TJ Maxx , jeans: Gap Outlet, shoes: Pierre Dumas, jewelry: Target, Boho Betty

I hope you all liked these outfit ideas I put together. This was the start of my back to school series so stay tuned for more posts to come. As always please leave any requests below I am happy to hear your suggestions. I will be posting my first week of school outfits when the time comes. Thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful day. With love, McKenz.


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25 thoughts on “Back To School Outfit Ideas

  1. I must say you had the style eye – that denim skirt you thrifted while in town to visit has served you well! It’s my favorite outfit here!

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  2. Hi! I found this amazing outfits soo good for school, now that is nearly the over of the summer .(
    Could you check my blog, it wil be awesome:
    I hope you continue with this awesome posts!

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  3. Hey girl! Love the outfits! Also quick tip if you wanna make a little money on the side while blogging use the site shopstyle collective to add affiliate links to your outfit posts.


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