Jord Watch Review + Giveaway

A few weeks ago JORD Watches reached out to me. I have followed their Instagram for quite some time and have always loved seeing other bloggers feature their gorgeous wooden watches, so when they asked if I would like to receive a watch to style and review the answer seemed almost inevitable. I have been wearing my watch for a couple of weeks now and am ready to share my thoughts with you!

To begin, I decided to get the Frankie 35 Zebrawood and Navy.  It’s a sleek, gorgeous dark brown watch with a navy face and silver hardware. The best part about this watch is that I was able to get sized right on their website! It came in the mail within five days and arrived in a gorgeous wooden box with two extra links if needed. I was super impressed with the shipping and JORD’s packaging! As far as quality goes, I think this watch is great. It is super lightweight and easy to wear. I would definitely recommend these watches if you are a watch lover yourself or are looking for a watch that is a little less flashy.

If you love these watches as much as I do, than I have good news for you! I am teaming up with JORD to offer you an incredible giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive a $75 e gift card to put towards their purchase of a JORD wooden watch. But that’s not all…. everyone that enters automatically gets $20 e gift card emailed to them for they next JORD purchase!

This is an incredible offer and if you’re interested in these watches I would definitely recommend checking out entering this giveaway!  Click here to enter!

If you own a JORD watch or are thinking about purchasing one, be sure to let me know! I would be happy to chat about them. Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you all have a fabulous day and take part in this great opportunity! With love, McKenz.

Disclamer: the items in this blog post were sent to me on the behalf of JORD watches for reviewing purposes. as always all opinions are my own.

link to my watch: here
link to JORD’s website: here
link to JORD’s Instagram: here
link to my Instagram: here

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #45 (week in my life + ootw)

Hello friends, I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. I am back with another Weekly Wrap Up; if you’re new here and don’t know what they are, Weekly Wrap Up’s are posted every Sunday. I share with you my outfits of the week and take you through a week of my life. While I’m on the topic of new, I want to thank all of you for helping me reach 800 followers. I am truly so blessed to have such amazing followers and people who support me. Thank you all. Be sure to let me know which outfit was your favorite and what you’ve been up to this week. if you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave them below. Thank you so much for reading. With love, McKenz.

10.23.16- Today was spent studying, taking pictures for the blog, binge watching One Tree Hill, online shopping, and eating far too much ice cream.

Outfit Details- shirt: Vineyard Vines, leggings: Target

10.24.16- Thank gosh for Tech class where I can finally breathe for a second. Studying and chatting with Joseph and Kate today. This week is going to be a good one!

Outfit Details- dress: Old Navy, scarf: Socks Bean, booties: Old Navy, watch: JORD

10.25.16- We had a big breakfast in journalism class this morning to celebrate our first publication; it was so much fun. I also read the most amazing verses from Psalm 119 (one of my favs) right before bed.

Outfit Details- shirt: TJ Maxx, cardigan: Old Navy, necklace: Charming Charlies, watch: Kohls, jean: Gap, socks: kohl, booties: Steve Madden

10.26.16- The first frost was tonight and boy did I not miss this super cold weather. Lol too bad today was one of the few days Madison and I actually had to wait for the bus since we didn’t almost miss it. (,:

Outfit Details- cardigan: Target, tank: TJ Maxx, jeans: Hollister, socks: Kohls, booties: Sam Edelman, necklace: Loft, watch: Kohls, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Boho Betty


Outfit Details- dress: Forever 21, jacket: Kohls, leg warmers: Kohls, riding boots: Kohls, choaker: Forever 21, watch: Kohls

10.28.16- Woo Friday’s are the best days! We played our biggest rival team tonight and ended up defeating them 59-21. It was an incredible game to say the least, followed by a long night hanging out with people from school.

Outfit Details- uniform, shoes: infinity

10.29.16- Celebrating Paige’s birthday with an early morning practice and a long day of cheer. Got to relax for a little bit, do a bunch of planning, and go to the Haunted Forest to get in the Halloween Spirit!!

Outfit Details- no picture but jacket: Michael Kors, jeans: Hollister, shoes: DS

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October Favorites

Seriously how is October already coming to an end… it just started like a day ago?! However, the end of the month gives me an excuse to share my current favorites with you all which I enjoy, so I’m not too disappointed. Plus there’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday to look forward to in November!

For clothes this month I have been loving my olive-green hat from Old Navy and my nude lace up heels from DSW. They are so chic, I wish I had more excuses to wear them. I also have really been loving my maroon booties from Old Navy this month.

For makeup, I have been wearing my NYX Lingerie lipsticks like crazy. You definitely need to check them out if you haven’t already, they are seriously the best!I also really loved using my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette this month. They have some of the best shadows.

I cut my hair the month into a lob and am in love with it. I have been blowdrying it and then curling it in big loose curls which are my obsession right now.

These were a few of my favorite outfit this month, if you want to see my outfits of the week, be sure to read Weekly Wrap Ups every Sunday on the blog! It’s been fairly warm this October, mostly dipping into the sixties which allows for legs to be uncovered once in a while. I really haven’t been able to break out the riding boots yet, but hopefully soon!

As far as music goes, I have been LOVING Calum Scott, Vance Joy, and The paper Kites. Seriously the best music to cozy up in bed too. I have been reading The Perks Of Being A Wallpaper again and am really enjoying it. For my Bible, I haven been really enjoying reading random scriptures. Flipping open to a random page and reading that has been my go to tactic recently.

Well that’s pretty much all of the favorites I can think of at the moment. I have lots of exciting stuff planned for November so be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming posts. Thank you all for the continuous love and support; I am so thankful for all of you! If you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave them below! Sending all my love your way; with love, McKenz.

PS what do you all think go blooms or the 12 days of Christmas!!??

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Collective Haul

Lately it seems like every weekend I find some treasure that I insist I must have. Almost always it’s a piece of clothing or a new makeup product. As I was cleaning my room I realized that over the last few weeks I have collected the perfect amount for a haul on the blog. These are some of my favorite posts to read because I love seeing what everyone has been picking up recently. Anyways, without further ado, let’s get on into it.

On the left is my new poncho/cape/sweater?! Not exactly sure what it’s called but it’s from TJ Maxx and absolutely to die for, it’s so soft and so in style at the moment! I’m wearing a size small and it was $25.00. Another TJ Maxx steal of a deal was this overused bomber jacket! I have been eyeing bombers for quite some time now and when I saw this one was on clearance for under $15 I knew I needed it!

On the left are another TJ Maxx pick up. They are fake Yeezys! I’m all for a cheap knock off and these shoes were so affordable and comfortable that I had to pick them up. Talk about stylish for those chill days spent running errands! On the right I have a poncho that I picked up from you won’t believe where…. AC Moore!! Crazy to find at a craft score I know! It’s so soft and the colors are gorgeous.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset*I also have gotten my JORD Watch in the mail this past week. I chose the color Frankie 35 Zebrawood and Navy and am so in love with it. I will be styling it with some Fall outfits soon.*

CVS has been breaking my bank recently. Madison and I are obsessed with the NYX Lingerie Lipsticks so we bought three more in the colors Corset, Embellishment, and Ruffle Trim. I also picked up a NYX Lipliner in the color Vanilla Sky. I also got two lipsticks from Wet N Wild in the colors Mocha-licious and Cashmere.

IMG_1169.JPGI also picked up a new Maybelline Color Tattoo in the color Barely Branded, it;s my absolute holy grail makeup product. I also got the gel eyeliner from ELF.

Well, that’s it for todays haul. Please note I am not trying to brag or show off in any way, shape, or form. If you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave them below. Thank you so much for reading; I hope you have a fabulous day. With love, McKenz

Items marked with an asterisk have been sent to me for reviewing purposes.


5 Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween being nearly right around the corner, I figured what better post to do than a Halloween Costume Ideas?! First things first, you’re never to old to dress up. Maybe to go trick-or-treating, but never to old to throw on a costume and take some pictures with your girls! Also, be creative! These are only five of the hundreds of opotions you can choose from. Be creative and get inspired!

Costume #1- Sandy from Grease

I was Sandy from Grease last year and loved it. I took the cutest pictures and came up with the best Instagram captions for them. I simply wore an all black outfit, a leather jacket, and red heels. Curl your hair and throw on a red lipstick and bright blush to complete your look! Note: I did not do this step for the sake of having to look the part for other costumes as well.

Costume #2- Minion

Everyone loves the little minions from Despicable Me! For this costume I wore overalls, a black tee, and some black Converse. I ordered these glasses off of Amazon as well as the hat which I DIYed by sticking black pipe cleaners through the top in order to make the Minion’s hair.

Costume #3- Cowgirl

This one is a classic, cowgirls are super simple because you more than likely have everything sitting around your house already. Throw on a pair of boot cut jeans, a flannel, and a straw hat and you’re good to go for the night.

Costume #4- Hippie

Now my family is not one to buy our costumes from the store but this one was my moms from before I was even born so it’s an exception. We all know that the fashion world loves to throw in a blast from the past every season so my hippie costume seemed pretty appropriate. I honestly have no idea where this costume was bought but I felt so groovy in it… lol.

Costume #5- Gossip Girl Characters

Being a character from Gossip Girl is another easy costume. I took all of these costumes straight from my closet. A white button up, loose tie, skirt, and some back shoes are all you need to complete this costume. Don’t forget your headband unless you want to lose your spot on the steps. (,:

Ahh I hope you all liked these costume ideas, I had so much fun with this blog post! I’m still deciding whether or not to be Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill or to be Little J from Gossip Girl with Madison as Blair and Celia as Serena. I’ll keep ya’ll updated on what I decide! If you are in need of any more costume ideas be sure to check out Pinterest and YouTube, they always have a ton of ideas! Thank you all so much for reading, have a fabulous day. With love, McKenz.


Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #44 (week in my life + ootw)

Good morning everyone! It’s Sunday, so you know what that means; another Weekly Wrap Up. I’ve been getting quite a few new followers here on my blog so for those of you who are a new, a Weekly Wrap Up is basically an outfit of the week and a week in my life ‘blog’ combined.  I am currently sitting  at my kitchen table listening to some Hozier and trying to decide what to post on my blog for the last week of October. My inspiration for blog posts has been lacking lately so if you have any ideas or requests please leave them below; I appreciate any and all ideas! This week was basically school, school, school as we are nearing the final stretch of the quarter. Either way, I hope you all enjoy and have a great week. Don’t forget to leave links to your blogs and Instagram, as I would love to check them out and follow you all! Thank you for stopping by. With love, McKenz.

This weeks posts-Makeup Of the Week: Too Faced, The Fall Tag, Homecoming GRWM

10.16.16- Spent the morning at church followed by lunch out with the fan at Smash Burger. We did a little bit of shopping after before coming home to do homework and catch up on all the cute, Fall YouTube videos.

Outfit Details- turtle neck: Hollister, jeans Hollister, booties: Old Navy, cross body: Gap

10.17.16- Playing with my cameras and Bible journaling after a long Monday. I love the time I have to myself at the end of the day, it’s always my favorite time.

Outfit Details- tank: Old Navy, cardigan: Gap Outlet, jeans: Hollister, booties: Old Navy, pearls Forever 21

10.18.16- Woohoo!! First time being published in the school newspaper and I am so happy about it. I wrote a Fall fashion article and covered a dress coding issue from a nearby school!

Outfit Details- shirt: TJ Maxx, watch: Kate Spade, jeans: Hollister, sandals: Pierre Dumas, necklace: Forever 21

10.19.16- Salsa dancing in Spanish class today with Mitch so we got a feel for our new unit was definitely the highlight of my day. A hard practice, lots of homework, and a big bowl of ice cream the long day finally has come to an end.

Outfit Details- tank: Old Navy, jean jacket: Kohls, leggings: American Eagle, shoes: TJ Maxx, watch: Target

10.20.16- My Jord watch came in the mail today and I am so excited about it. I can’t wait to style it with some outfits and feature it on my Instagram and blog!

Outfit Details- shirt: H&M, skirt: Kohls, flats: Old Navy, watch: Kohls, bracelet: Boho Betty

10.21.16- Thank God it’s Friday. Our game was away today but we still brought home a 54-0 win leaving our football team 8-0 with one regular season game left!!!

Outfit Details- uniform, shoes: Nfinity

10.22.16- Had the best day walking around with my parents and doing a little shopping afterwards. I headed to theatre to do some makeup before tonight’s show and then went out for pizza with the fam.

Outfit Details- jacket: TJ Maxx, sweater: Old Navy, scarf: Old Navy, jeans; Hollister, leg warmers: Kohls, boots: Hunter, purse: Gap, watch: Kohls


Makeup Of The Week- Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a fabulous Friday. This week I used one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes ever: the Too Faced Chocolate Bar! I also mention a lot of NYX Lingerie Lipsticks in this week’s Makeup of The Week because they are seriously so good, I love them all so much! I hope you all enjoy this post. If you have any questions, comments, or requests be sure to leave them below. Have a great weekend. With love, McKenz.


Nivea Men’s Shave Balm
Garniar BB Cream
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Anastasia Contour Kit- contour
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Maybelline Color Tattoo ‘barely branded’
Too Faced Chocolate Bar- ‘champagne truffle’, ‘cherry cordial’, ‘amaretto’
Anastasia Dip Brow
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Wet N Wild Lipstick ‘cinnamon spice’
Bare Minerals Lipgloss ‘maverick’


Nivea Men’s Shave Balm
Loreal Infallible Matte Powder
Rimmel Stay Matte powder
Garniar Concealer
Anastasia Contour Kit- banana powder, contour, highlighter
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Revlon Creme Shadows ‘precious metals’
Too Faced Chocolate Bar- ‘creme brûlée’, ‘milk chocolate’ ‘hazelnut’
Anastasia Dip Brow
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ‘milk’
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
NYX Lingerie Lipstick ‘honeymoon’


Nivea Men’s Shave Balm
Garniar BB Cream
Rimmel Stay Mate Powder
Covergirl Flamed Up Mascara
Anastasia Dip Brow
NYX Lingerie Lipstick ‘embellishment’’


Nivea Men’s Shave Balm
Maybelline Matte Fit Me Foundation
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
Lumene Bronzer
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Maybelline Color Tattoo ‘barely branded’
Too Faced Chocolate Bar ‘salted caramel’, ‘marzipan’, ‘creme brûlée’
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Anastasia Dip Brow
Wet N Wild Glitter
Buxom Full On Lipstick ‘brooklynn’


Nivea Mena’s Shave Balm
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
NYX HD Concealer
Lumene Bronzer
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Maybelline Color Tattoo ‘barely branded’
Too Faced Chocolate Bar ‘white chocolate’ ‘milk chocolate’
Anastasia Dip Brow
Wet N Wild Glitter
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
NYX Lingerie Lipstick




The Fall Tag

Hello everyone, I thought today it might be fun to answer some questions fro t he Fall tag that I have seen going around YouTube and WordPress. I love meeting new bloggers and reading everyone’s answers so stay tuned to see if you’re one of the five bloggers I nominate to answer these questions!

1. Fav Thing About Fall? By far my favorite thing about Fall is the household decorations and the fashion. Both are so cute and fun!
2. Fav Fall/Halloween Movies I love Halloweentown, it’s by far my favorite Halloween Movie, Forrest Gump is definitely a good one to watch around this time of year too.
3. Fashion Trend You’re Loving For Fall I am loving the velvet trend and over the knee boots, I totally want to purchase a pair. I also am loving the bomber jackets so much that I’ve already boughten one for myself.
4. Fav Fall Drink Salted Carmel Mocha Frap from Starbucks or a Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate from Dunkin.
5. What is fall weather like where you live? It’s usually about 40 in the morning and 55-60 around three in the afternoon here. We don’t get too much rain and we definitely experience all four seasons.
6. Apple picking or hayride? By far a hay ride, they are so fun and festive!
7. Rain or fog? Rain, cause that gives me an excuse to break out my Hunter’s.
8. Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown? Halloweentown for the win!
9. Corn Maze or Haunted House? Although I’m not a huge fan of all things scary, I think a haunted house is way more fun than a corn maze.
10. Halloween or Thanksgiving? Hmmm this is so hard. I love Halloween because I get to dress up, take corny pictures, and get candy but thanksgiving is so festive and family oriented. I’m not sure I can pick.
11. Coats or Oversized Sweaters Coats; whether its utility, leather, bomber, or denim I love layering with jackets!
12. Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie? Apple pie, it’s so much better.
13. Cool Crisp Mornings or Cozy Evenings Cozy evenings, there’s something so enchanting about them. Mornings where I live are a little too crip for my liking.
14. Fav Fall Candle? Anything with pumpkin in it is to die for! I love almost all Bath & Body Works candles.
15. Favourite Thing To Do in The Fall Go pumpkin picking and watch football; two of fall’s necessities.

I tag the following girls to answer these questions and tag five more people:

  1. allthingsaubreyy
  2. beauty&more
  3. polishedbyamy
  4. abeautifulthing2015
  5. dollfacediaries

Well that’s it for this quick little tag, feel free to answer these questions even if i din’t tag you, I would love to hear you all’s answers and for you to leave links to your latest posts so I can check them out! Have a fabulous Wednesday. With love, McKenz


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Homecoming GRWM (hair, makeup, outfit)

Hello everyone, as you probably know from my last couple blog posts, Saturday was my school’s homecoming! It felt so good to get all dolled u with my friends and have a night out. I wanted to do a Get Ready With Me because they’re some of my favorite posts to write and I figured you all might be interested. Before I talk you all’s ears off, let’s get on into it..

Hair-  I got my hair cut into a lob midway through last week and am so in love with it. For the dance I curled my hair and then shook out the curls as much as  possible for a very full and voluminous effect. I curled my hair with a 1/2 inch Conair Wand and kept my curls in place by using the Got2bGlued Hairspray. img_0595

Makeup- For my makeup I knew I wanted to use a bit of Naked 3 to match my dress. I aimed for a super sparkly lid and a brown matte crease with a matching liquid lipstick. I lived up to those hopes most;y, and came up with the following makeup look that I am so in love with:

face primer: Nivea Men’s Shave Balm
foundation: Maybelline Matte Fit Me mixed with Loreal Infallible Pro
face powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
contour: Lumene Bronzer
highlight: “Champagne Truffle” eyeshadow  from Too Faced
eye shadow primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
eye base: Maybelline Color Tattoo ‘Barely Branded’
lid color: Naked 3 ‘dust’
glitter: Wet N Wild ‘white’
crease color: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette ‘milk chocolate’
outer V color: Naked 3 ‘mugshot’
mascara: Maybelline Great Lash, Covergirl Flamed Up, Too Faced Better Than Sex
brow bone: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ‘milk’
brows: Anastasia Dip Brow
liquid lipstick: NYX Lingerie

dress: Kohls, lace up heels: DSW (clearance), nail color: Sally Hansen

Pictures before the dance-

Homecoming was such a good day and I am so glad I am able to share my day with all of you! I hope you guys have a wonderful day, thank you so much for stopping by. If you have any  questions, comments, or requests, please leave them below I am happy to chat with you all. Wishing you all the happiest day. With love, McKenz.


Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #43 (week in my life+ootw)

Goooood morning everyone and happy Sunday. This week was by far one of the best weeks of the year so far. Homecoming week seems enchanting, it literally puts everyone at school in a better mood. Between the costumes, pep rally, decorations, football game, and spirit it’s hard not to have a better school week than normal. On top of that my grandma is in town this week which has been so heart warming. Everything about this week just seemed so right, I jammed pack this post with my spirit wee outfits and plenty of spirit day pics! I am so thankful that you all play such a big role in my life and for all the support you continuoudly show me. I hope you all enjoy this post and have a fabulous week ahead. With love, McKenz.

10.9.16- Spending my Sunday morning with Jeanie, followed by reading some amazing Bible verses and catching up on The Perks of Being a Wallpaper.

Outfit Details- flannel: J Crew, jacket: Gap Outlet, jeans: Gap, booties: Sam Edelman

10.10.16- Homecoming spirit week started today so all of us sophomores wore white as our theme. It was such a good day followed by a night catching up with Sean.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hollister, flannel: Old Navy, jeans: Gap Outlet, shoes: Converse

10.11.16- Sandy from Grease for day two of spirit week. Today was such a fun spirit day and all of the pink ladies dressed up looked so good. Grammy came to town today which made my night so much better.

Outfit Details- leather jacket: Target, shirt: H&M , jeans: Gap, heels, TOM Wedges

10.12.16- A day off of school and Grammy in town calls for frolicking around the pumpkin patch, lunch out, and shopping around town. I adore days like this one.

Outfit Details- flannel: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, scarf: Old Navy, socks: Kohls, shoes: DSW, purse: Long Champ size Large

10.13.16- Today was another good spirit day. Today our theme was military and it was Ashley’s sixteenth birthday! I had my first Fashion Club meeting and got my hair cut into a lob after cheer practice!

Outfit Details- turtle neck: Hollister, jacket: TJ Maxx, jeans: TJ Maxx, combat boots: Target

10.14.16- Today was our homecoming game and one of  the most exciting days of the school year. We were able to see all the classes hallways decorated, sophomores got second! We had a pep rally where we perform our routine for the first time in front of the whole school, and we had our homecoming game which we won 45-6.

Outfit Details, jersey, uniform, shoes: Nfinity

10.15.16- Happy homecoming day!! Got ready with Jeanie, Celia, and Ad before heading to a friends for pictures before the dance. I had a good time and then went over to another friends house after to hang with all my friends.

Outfit Details: dress: Kohls, heels: DSW