Fourth Of July Outfit Ideas

Hey friends, I hope you’re having the best day! I’m so excited because today I am here to share with you guys three Fourth Of July outfit ideas. I absolutely love the Fourth Of July. Something about it just instantly brings a smile to face; I love the atmosphere, the events, the foods, and of course the clothes. I know a lot of people do various things on this holiday so I tried to come up with outfits that would suit different occasions. Feel free to swap out any of the pieces to make the outfits more your style!

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

Outfit Details- shirt: Aeropostale, shorts:American Eagle, shoes: converse, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Boho BettyFullSizeRender (10).jpg

Outfit Details- dress: Old Navy, shoes: Pierre Dumas, bracelets: Boho Betty

FullSizeRender (8)

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, shorts: Aeropostale, shoes: Converse, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Charming Charlies, Boho Betty

I hope you guy’s enjoyed. Thank you so much for reading, I love and miss you all. Thank you so much for all the support, don’t forget to stop and read my last few posts if you missed them. Wishing you the best today and all the day’s ahead! 🙂 With love, McKenz.



5 Ways To Style Converse//Summer Edition

Happy Monday friends, I hope you all are doing well. Today I am here to bring you a blog post on one of my favorite clothing pieces ever; Converse. Where I live everyone owns a pair, whether they be high top or low top, solid colored or printed. We wear them all year  whether it be thirty degrees or ninety. There’s something so simplistic about them that all of us love. Plus they can be dressed up or down; which is always a win win. Here are five of my favorite outfits with Converse. (I have three pairs; black, white, and maroon.)

FullSizeRender (7).jpgOutfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Converse, watch: Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Charming Charlies, Boho Betty

FullSizeRender (4).jpgOutfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Converse, bracelets: Alex and Ani, necklace: Forever 21

FullSizeRender (5).jpgOutfit Details- dress: TJ Maxx, shoes: Converse, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Charming Charlies, socks: Fransescas

FullSizeRender (3)Outfit Details- shirt: Nike, shorts: Nike, socks: Nike, shoes: Converse

FullSizeRender (6).jpgOutfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, overalls: Gap, shoes: Converse, bracelets: Alex and Ani, necklace: Forever 21

That’s all for today’s blog post, I hope you all enjoyed. If you and your friends wear Converse too leave me a comment on how you style them! Thank you so much for stopping by. Check out “5 Ways To Style Overalls”, “Weekly wrap Up #26”, and “What’s in My Carry On” if you missed them. Have a great day my friends. With love, McKenz.



5 Ways To Style Overalls

Oh my gosh guys, I can not contain my excitement over overalls!!!! They are literally the cutest things ever and they look good with everything I’ve tried them on with. You either love them or hate them and I personally think they are adorable.

As many of you know I am not at home right now and this is prewritten, but the day this is up I guarantee I will be wearing overalls. Anyways, I think overalls are perfect because you can actually do outdoorsy stuff in them. I can go fishing and hiking through the woods and boating in these and be perfectly comfortable while feeling over the moon happy because for some reason this simple piece of clothing just instantly makes me smile. So today I am going to be sharing you five of my favorite outfits with overalls!! I hope you all like them as much as me.

On a side note, these overalls are from Gap but were my moms from twenty years ago that she saved for me one day, so sorry guys but these definitely are not sold anymore lol.

1.) Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, overalls: Gap, shoes: Rainbows, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Charming Charlies

2.) Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, overalls: Gap, shoes: Converse, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Boho Betty

3.) Outfit Details- shirt: H&M, overalls: Gap, shoes: Target, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Charming Charlies

4.) Outfit Details- shirt: Aeropostale, overalls: Gap, shoes: Target, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Charming Charlies, Boho Betty

5.) Outfit Details- shirt: Hollister, overalls: Gap, shoes: Birkenstocks, bracelets: Alex and Ani , Charming Charlies

That’s all!! I hope you guys enjoyed them. Catch these in future Weekly Wrap Ups because I plan on wearing these all summer. If you missed my previous posts “What’s in My Carry On?” “Travel Tips+Where I Will Be” and “5 Airport Outfit Ideas” go check them out! Sending all my love to you all, thank you for all the support. With love, McKenz.

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What’s In My Carry On?

Hi friends, happy Friday! Today I am doing the last of my travel videos for now! If you missed “Travel Tips + Where I Will Be” or “5 Airport Outfit Ideas” go check them out. 🙂 Today I wanted to share with you guys what I keep in my carry on, so let’s get started.

I don’t keep an actual suitcase as my carry on, I tend to just bring a tote. For this trip I’m going to be using my large navy Long Champ. It fits everything I need, is super cute, and I can easily use it as a purse once I get to Wisconsin!

I always bring a sweatshirt in my bag if I’m not already wearing one, this super cute yellow one was a hand me down from one of my cousins! For headphones and a phone charger I usually keep them in a separate little makeup bag to keep them from getting tangled. I always carry a water before hand, obviously you have to throw it out before going through security. Along with that I like to bring a snack and gum. I try to stray away from food that’s messy, trail mix is my fav for plane rides!! If I don’t bring a book it’s usually because I just downloaded one on my phone. I’m saving room for this trip and am downloading “Just Friends” by Billy Taylor. I’ll let you know if I like it or not. I also keep my sunglasses and any eyeshadow palette that I’m bringing just because I don’t trust leaving it in my suitcase where it’ll most likely get broken. Lastly I keep my wallet and Bible! I prefer to keep my Bible with me so I can access it while in the car and so it doesn’t weigh down my suitcase.

Well that’s it for today’s blog post. I hope you all enjoyed, don’t forget to check out my most recent posts if you missed them! Thank you for stoping by, sending all my happiness your way. With love, McKenz


5 Airport Outfit Ideas

Hi friends!!! Today I’m going to be doing another travel post. I’m going to be sharing with you five different airport or even traveling outfit. They’re all fit for different occasions but feel free to take any of these ideas and/or swap the shorts out for pants or vice versa. Now let’s get on into it!


1.) outfit details- shirt: East Carolina University, leggings: Target, shoes: Sanuks

If you are coming from or going to someplace chillier, I recommend opting for a long sleeve and leggings. Planes can get pretty chilly, don’t forget!


2.) outfit details- shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Amazon, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Boho Betty

I know sometimes people have plans the second they arrive somewhere. Capris keep your legs warm yet the denim will keep you looking classy and put together. Throw on a pair of sandals and you are good to go.


3.) outfit details- shirt: Forever 21, pants: Kohls, shoes: Pierre Dumas, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani

I absolutely adore these types of pants for planes their airy yet they cover all of your legs. You can easily pair them with a plain white top and matching shoes. It’s comfortable yet you look a little more put together than your typical shorts and tshirt.


4.) outfit details- shirt: Vineyard Vines, shorts: Nike, shoes: Chacos, bracelet: Alex and Ani

I know this is the type of outfit most people reach for a T-shirt shorts and comfortable walking shoes will never fail you. Just make sure you pack or something to go over your arms in case you get cold!!


5.) outfit details- shirt: Old Navy, sweater: American Eagle, leggings: Target, shoes: Pierre Dumas, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Charming Charlies

Lastly I have something that’s a little more dressed up, yet with the leggings you’re still very comfortable. This outfit is still cute without the cardigan, but it’s perfect just in case you get chilly!

Alrighty guys, that is it for today’s post! Don’t forget to check out the previous ones if you missed them and stay tuned for more coming your way. Don’t forget all posts from Friday through the next two weeks are pre scheduled, so if it takes me a bit to respond to your comments: I’m sorry!! Love you all, safe travels! With love, McKenz


Travel Tips/Where I Will Be

Hello friends and happy Monday! Today I’m going to be starting the first of a few travel videos. With summer in full swing now, I figured I wasn’t the only one taking a vacation soon. Today I’m going to be sharing with you a few travel tips and showing you a little bit of my packing. Stay tuned for “5 Airport Outfits” and a “What’s in my carry-on?” coming soon!! Also, starting Thursday all blog post for the next two weeks will be prewritten and scheduled to go up. I will be visiting family in Wisconsin. So, if I’m not responding to comments super quickly or Weekly Wrap Ups don’t make it up on time: don’t be alarmed! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it, travel safe lovelies! Now let’s get on into it.DSC_5984.JPG

1.) Roll your clothes.  I’m someone that prefers to fold because it takes less time but when I’m taking long trips I always always always roll my clothes! It saves so much space and keep your clothes from wrinkling.

2.) Tape your lids.  If your toiletries are constantly spilling and making a mess in your suitcase, tape the lid shut to keep it from exploding.

3.) Keep your makeup in a Ziploc. I’ve never been one to reach for Q make up bag when traveling because a) my makeup never fits in one, b) I can never find anything and c) they get so dirty! I always opt towards a Ziploc bag because they are spaceish, clear, and when they get all grubby you can throw it away.

4.) Pack makeup in your carry-on. If you are worried about your favorite Naked palette cracking, just throw it in your totebag. You control where it goes and can always check up on it if you are worried it broke. No point in risking your $50 baby, lol.

5.) Stuff your shoes with socks. If your shoes are taking up space, you might as well fill them with socks. This helps keep the shoes shape too!

6.) Wear your bulkiest clothes on the plane. Dress appropriately! Better to pack a sweater just in case plus you’ll be wearing one of your bulkiest items. (I would hope this is it since it’s summer vacation lol) I also tend to wear comfy shoes that are too much for my suitcase.

7.) Make a list. I use this packing list notebook from Anthropoligie whenever I go on vacation but even a plain piece of paper will work. I highly suggest writing down what you need to pack to ensure you don’t forget anything!

Always remember to pack what is necessary but to leave room in case you find something while out shopping! Have fun and take pictures. Vacation is supposed to be stress-free so relax and be thankful for the time you have!!!

That is it for today’s post, I hope you all enjoyed! Don’t forget to read my previous post if you miss them and stay tuned for lots of new content. Stay safe my friends, thank you for everything! With love, McKenz.

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #25

Hi friends and happy summerrrrr. My heart is so full as I sit here and right to you. This was my last week of school and I couldn’t be happier. These past few days have been jam packed trying to soak up every moment of home before I head off to Wisconsin for a couple of weeks. On top of that, it’s Father’s day and I couldn’t be more thankful for my dad; he has truly molded me into the person I am. Also, my Bible came this week and I am so so so excited. I decided to reread Psalms, as it always has something good. GB suggested that I read Genesis and we tend to glance at Proverbs together so I  started up both of those. I also took up Matthew, as I always find answers to unasked questions in this book. I’m so excited and I will keep you as updated as possible with my faith journey! If you missed this week’s posts: Birthday Party Makeup, Boho Betty Bracelets & Coupon Code, and Half Way Through The Year// Life Update. Thank you all so much for reading, I will miss you guys dearly!! With love, McKenz.

6.13.16- Exam review day called for a shirt with a friendly reminder that life is good!!! The whole English class squad had on Birks so I had to get a quick pic of us all.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter and Honey, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: TJ Maxx, bracelets: Boho Betty, Alex and Ani, Charming Charlies

6.14.16- Woo, I crushed the first exam day; so me and my girls went out to Chipotle after for lunch. Then off to plan out a months worth of blog posts and study up for my math exam.

Outfit Details- shirt: Nike, shoes: Converse, socks: Nike, shorts: Nike

6.15.16- Jeanie and GB came over after exams so we hung out and took the Rambler out for an evening drive. Dinner in the park and relaxing, I love nights like this one.

Outfit Details- shirt: East Carolina University, shorts: Nike, shoes: Rainbows

6.16.16- Took my last exam and then went on a three mile walk with Celia. My food looked so pretty so I had to take a picture, plus I got to wear my Chacos!!! I also finished Friday Night Lights and started One Tree Hill.

Outfit Details- shirt: Vineyard Vines, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Chacos, necklace: Forever 21

6.17.16-  My first real day of summer was spent planning out tons of blog posts for while I’m gone in Wisconsin and adventuring in the woods with Jeanie, GB, and Madison. Then watching High School Musical and saying our goodbyes before we part for a few weeks. Nothing’s sadder 😦

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Rainbows, bracelet: Forever 21

6.18.16- Spending the day with family for a graduation party. Got to see my Grammy and what I’m most excited for, my Bible. I ordered this Bible Journal off of Amazon and I couldn’t be happier it is stunning.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hollister, shorts: TJ Maxx, shoes: Birkenstocks, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Boho Betty

6.19.16- Wishing  a very happy Father;s Day to all the wonderful dad’s out there. Can not thank mine enough for his endless love and support, wouldn’t be half the person I am today without him.

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Gap, shoes: Jack Rogers, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Charming Charlies and DSW

Finding Yourself

Half Way Through the Year/Life Update

Happy Friday friends, I feel like I haven’t really been able to sit down and chat with you guys lately. The last few weeks of school are always super hectic but luckily yesterday was my last day of school so I am finally free! Which reminds me, I wanted to tell you guys about my new uploading schedule. During the school year I was pretty all over the place depending on whether or not I had theatre, cheer, or other obligations. Regardless, I will be uploading Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the summer. However, Sunday’s are always devoted to Weekly Wrap Up’s. I’ve also been getting lots of new followers here on the blog, so if you are one of them: Welcome, I’m McKenzie and I really hope you stick around! 🙂 I feel like a lot of people consider my Weekly Wrap Up’s to be more like vlogs but the pictures from each day are actually what I found happiness in that day! Last summer around this time, I did the 100 Happy Days Challenge and I adored it. It allowed me to look for the good in every day and remember that there is always always always better things ahead. So now, on Sundays I include my happiness posts with my outfit of the days!  Anyways, starting Thursday through the first week of July, all my blog posts will be prewritten and scheduled to go up. I will be visiting family in Wisconsin and am not entirely sure if I will have service. I honestly wouldn’t be blogging much there anyways because it’s inconvenient and I really just want to spend some good quality time together while I am there. That being said, that new uploading schedule will still apply those couple weeks!

Also, I wanted to take the time and thank you all. I can not even believe that the year will be half over on Sunday. It is absolutely mind blowing to see how far I have come in such a short period of time. Everyone of you reading this has played a part in my success here on StyledByMcKenz and I can not express my gratitude enough. I can only dream of where this blog will take me next, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You guys mean the world to me! And please, if you have ANY suggestions leave them below. I want to produce content that you guys are interested in and I am happy to write anything you would like to hear about. I promise I don’t bite (;

Oh my gosh guys, I just ordered a new Bible journal off of Amazon and I am SO excited for it to get here. I will show you all asap, it’s gorgeous!! That reminds me, if you all have a youth group in your town; please go! A bunch of the highschoolers here get together and it’s so much fun. If you don’t have one I encourage you to get a few girls together and just sit with some blankets and snacks and read your Bible’s together and embrace the world around you. The world is at YOUR fingertips and it is up to you what you do with it. You get one shot at life so I suggest you use it wisely. Never forget that God’s love for you is so great and He will be as present in your life as you let Him!

Well this post is getting awfully long and I know it has been all over the place but I really just wanted to get my thoughts out. Thank you all so much for sticking around. If you’ve even made it this far, you rock!!! I love you all always. ❤ With love, McKenz.


Boho Betty Bracelets & Coupon Code

Oh I hope you all have had a happy start to your Wednesday morning!!! I am off to take my Geometry exam and then will be only one exam away from summer break, woooo! Today I am so happy to be telling you all about Boho Betty.

A few weeks ago a jewelry company called Boho Betty reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in becoming an ambassador for them, with a full heart and a wide smile I took them off on their offer! I purchased this bracelet with my own money and have been wearing it for some time now; as I didn’t want to talk about something I didn’t genuinely enjoy. This bracelet was under twenty dollars, if you would like to buy one for yourself and get an ADDITIONAL 20% off, enter the code ‘styledbymckenz’ at checkout! You can shop this bracelet and several more by clicking here.

Above are a few of my favorite ways to style my bracelet. The watch is from Kate Spade and my various bracelets intertwined are from Alex and Ani and Charming Charlies.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s super short and sweet post, don’t forget to check out Boho Betty and enter my code ‘styledbymckenz’ if you’re interested. Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you have the best day! With love, McKenz.

Disclaimer: I am not being sent free products or being paid to post this. I would not be sharing this product with you if I didn’t genuinely love it!


Birthday Party Makeup

Hello friends, Saturday night Madison and I had our fifteenth birthday party which seemed like the perfect reason to show you another makeup look. Today’s look is featuring my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and a light contour. I’ve been experimenting and changing things out of my usual makeup routine so some of these products may seem very familiar or very different! Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Face: Starting off with a clean, moisturized face i applied my Nivea Men’s Shave Balm which I adore. It contains glycerol which keeps your makeup in place all day and is the perfect base.I then applied my favorite drugstore foundation, Maybelline Matte Fit Me in ‘225’ on a damp beauty blender and buffed this into my skin, making sure to blend down my neck. i then set this with my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to keep me from getting oily throughout the night and the NYX HD Powder to keep my makeup from having any flashbacks in pictures. I contoured lightly with the Lumene Bronzer and the Anastasia Contour Kit down my cheekbones and temples. However, I did go a little bit heavier on my nose, making sure to slim down the sides. I then highlighted with the shade ‘vanilla’ from my Anastasia Contour Kit. For my under eyes I used the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer.

Eyes: To start the eyes I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion in ‘original’ and applied this all over my lids to keep them from creasing. I then took the Maybelline Color Tattoo in ‘barely branded’ and applied it all over my lids to act as a base for my shadows. I then used my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and used the maroon shimmery shadow in my crease, the maroon matte shade in my outer v, and the gold shimmery shade on my lids along with the Wet n Wild Glitter in ‘gold’. I wish I knew the names of these shadows but my palette is the old version so there are no names provided, sorry guys! I then followed my normal eyebrow routine (Vaseline and Naked Basics 2 ‘frisk’) and highlighted my brow bone with the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in ‘milk’. For mascara I used Too Faced Better Than Sex, Maybelline Great Lash, and Maybelline Big Eyes.

Lips: Decided to actually do something for my lipds, tonight I used the Bare Minerals Buxom Full On Lipstick in ‘brooklyn’ and the Essence Lipstick in ‘oh so matt’ on the center of my lips.

That is all for this makeup look, I hope you all enjoyed. If you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave them below, I’d be happy to chat! If you missed my last two posts Weekly Wrap up #24 click here, Makeup Of  the Week click here, and Contour Routine/Tutorial click here.  I hope you all enjoyed, thank you for stopping by. With love, McKenz.