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Today is one of the most exciting days ever….  Yesterday just seemed like the worst day ever, and for no particular reason. Everything about it was just so “ugh”. I felt like I was crying out to God but He couldn’t hear me. I felt like I had been losing touch with Him and His love these past few days. I was tired but restless, stressed and anxious. After closing my laptop and insisting I just wait till the morning to finish the blog post that seemed like just the beginning of my pile of things to accomplish, I quickly said a prayer and went to bed. This morning (after the worst day ever) I got up and loaded my computer, thinking I was going to be in a time crunch yet again about struggling to finish the post in time to catch the bus. NOT ONLY did I finish the blog post, but s I was closing out of my tabs I caught a glance at my follower count. It read “502”. My heart jumped and my smile widened. FIVE HUNDRED people take time out do their day to read my blog posts and no amount of words is enough to express how grateful I am for that. God is so so so good and I am so thankful for His little reminder that He is working in ways I can’t even begin to imagine. Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart if you’re one of the beautiful souls that takes the time to support me each and everyday , I love you all so much.