5 Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween being nearly right around the corner, I figured what better post to do than a Halloween Costume Ideas?! First things first, you’re never to old to dress up. Maybe to go trick-or-treating, but never to old to throw on a costume and take some pictures with your girls! Also, be creative! These are only five of the hundreds of opotions you can choose from. Be creative and get inspired!

Costume #1- Sandy from Grease

I was Sandy from Grease last year and loved it. I took the cutest pictures and came up with the best Instagram captions for them. I simply wore an all black outfit, a leather jacket, and red heels. Curl your hair and throw on a red lipstick and bright blush to complete your look! Note: I did not do this step for the sake of having to look the part for other costumes as well.

Costume #2- Minion

Everyone loves the little minions from Despicable Me! For this costume I wore overalls, a black tee, and some black Converse. I ordered these glasses off of Amazon as well as the hat which I DIYed by sticking black pipe cleaners through the top in order to make the Minion’s hair.

Costume #3- Cowgirl

This one is a classic, cowgirls are super simple because you more than likely have everything sitting around your house already. Throw on a pair of boot cut jeans, a flannel, and a straw hat and you’re good to go for the night.

Costume #4- Hippie

Now my family is not one to buy our costumes from the store but this one was my moms from before I was even born so it’s an exception. We all know that the fashion world loves to throw in a blast from the past every season so my hippie costume seemed pretty appropriate. I honestly have no idea where this costume was bought but I felt so groovy in it… lol.

Costume #5- Gossip Girl Characters

Being a character from Gossip Girl is another easy costume. I took all of these costumes straight from my closet. A white button up, loose tie, skirt, and some back shoes are all you need to complete this costume. Don’t forget your headband unless you want to lose your spot on the steps. (,:

Ahh I hope you all liked these costume ideas, I had so much fun with this blog post! I’m still deciding whether or not to be Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill or to be Little J from Gossip Girl with Madison as Blair and Celia as Serena. I’ll keep ya’ll updated on what I decide! If you are in need of any more costume ideas be sure to check out Pinterest and YouTube, they always have a ton of ideas! Thank you all so much for reading, have a fabulous day. With love, McKenz.


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