What’s in My Backpack

Good morning everyone, today I am here with another Back To School post. Today I am going to be sharing with you what’s inside of my backpack! I hope you all enjoy.

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I suppose I will start off with the actual backpack itself. I have the North Face Borealis in the color “black/powder blue”. This backpack is quite large and hold lots of stuff. It can be used for school or hiking. It has three pockets,a laptop space, two side cup holders, and a whistle. I used this backpack my freshman year and will be using it again this year. They are rather pricey but I found it well worth the money. My only complaint about this backpack is that when you first start to wear it the straps do rub pretty bad on your shoulders but it goes away after the first week. Over all I do really enjoy this backpack and almost every girl in my school wear a North Face one because the quality of them is amazing.


The main are of the backpack has quite a bit of room and is where I keep the majority of my stuff. First I keep my folders which is where I store all of my papers and homework. I have six white Five Star folders with gold metallic stickers from Hunter&Honey that say the subject. AS you can see this year I will be taking Journalism, AP NSL, Honors English 10, Honors Spanish 3, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Chemistry, and Tech. Moving on I have a five subject journal that is white with an aqua monogram. I loved having a five subject last year and it was so easy to stay organized. I also have a black one subject notebook for my college level class. As for my Lily Agenda, it’s a large and I keep it right in front of my spirals. Where your laptop would be stored I keep my pencil pouch which is gold sparkly and from Target last year. It holds pencils, pens, a highlighter, flash cards, and white out.


The next zipper pocket has a bunch of random pockets and such. I keep perfume, deodorant, hand sanitizer, floss, and lip balm within them. Outside of those mini pockets you do have room to put something so this is where I store my Vera Bradley lunchbox.


The next and last pocket is about a phone and a half width’s deep. So I keep chap-stick, a pencil and my phone in this pocket. In case you were wondering I have a white and grey Lifeproof case and the stickers on it are from Hunter&Honey as well. I also keep my Contigo water bottle in one of the side pockets of the backpack.

Well that’s it for what’s in my backpack. If you all have any questions, comments, or requests please leave them below. I am so pleased with my Back To School series so far and hope you all are enjoying it. Thank you so much for reading, stay tuned for more Back To School posts and a new YouTube video coming soon! Have a wonderful day. With love, McKenz.


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6 thoughts on “What’s in My Backpack

      1. Yes, we are actually taking some of the same classes!! I am taking Honors Chemistry and I am taking Algebra 3 next semester (at my school we can double up math courses, so last year I took Algebra 2 and Honors Geometry, and this year I am taking Algebra 3 and an Advanced Math class!) Also my middle school offered Honors Algebra as a high school class in middle school. I am so happy to have met a high school blogger in my grade!

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