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A Day In My Life (& outfits) : Birthday Edition

On Saturday I celebrated my fifteenth birthday along with my twin sister Madison. I really wanted to take you along with me on my day so I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you A Day In My Life. Thank you so much to everyone who sent love my way  on my special day, I am truly blessed to have so many loving people in my life.

Half of my day was spent in a nice, put together outfit, and the other half was spent in comfy, work out clothes. Either way I was so happy to see the sun and have some 80 degree weather after what seemed like a whole month of rain.

Left Outfit Details- shirt:Nike, shorts: Nike, socks: Nike, shoes: Converse

Right Outfit Details- shirt: Forever 21, bralette: American Eagle, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Target

Started off the day with a family Dunkin date plus Jeanie. We got our usual iced coffee, smoothie, and absurd amount of hash browns. We came home and changed into some comfy clothes before heading out to the park to play some basketball and lay in the sun. We brought the GoPro to take some random videos and the balloons to tie to the bench. We took the long walk home and than ate lunch as a family while opening presents. I’m so happy to say that I own a LongChamp!!! I got some super cute bathing suits and some Calvin’s too. Afterwards I did some tanning in the backyard with Jeanie and hung outside trying to take in as much sun as possible. After dinner, Jeanie and I decided to go back to the park where we walked and watched the sunset on out favorite rock. We than sat on the deck for the rest of the night and laughed with the rest of the family while consuming an insane amount of food.

It’s the littlest things that seem to bring me the most happiness. I’m so glad to have so many loving people in my life, I love you all forever. Thank you for making me feel special everyday. I wish you all the best week. With love, McKenz.

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