How Would You Describe Your Style?

How would you describe your style? As a fashion blogger,  it’s a question I get asked a lot. It has dawned on me that I never truly sat down to give the question much thought. Some days I wake up with the urge to dress preppy, edgy, modest, bohemian, chic, a bum. Everyday is a new day and what’s so amazing about putting together outfits is that I can make them whatever I want them to be. As you may notice from my recent  Weekly Wrap Up’s (a week in my life and an outfit’s of the week combined) a lot of days I’m dressed in workout clothes. The reason being, in the summer, most of my days are spent cheering. As you may notice in the school year, I am always dressed up with my hair done and a full face of makeup on. My style is whatever I chose it to be, whatever my heart desires, whatever makes me feel most confident. So the answer to ‘how would you describe your style?’ is simply ‘mine’. How would you describe yours? With love, McKenz.


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