Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #13

Happy Monday everyone, my heart is so full right now. I am so sorry that this post is overdue, as yesterday was Easter Sunday and I was on vacation visiting family was not able to find the time to sit down and recap my week. Now onto the numbers, today I hit 100 followers here on StyledByMcKenz. It sounds like a small number but I am so pleased, thank you to EVERYONE who reads my posts and leaves my little blog some love. I can not express my gratitude enough. Also, thank you so much for helping me reach 420 followers on Instagram! I know last week I said that there would be outfit of the week pictures this week but I was home sick with the flu Monday and Tuesday, Spring Break started on Thursday, and I was traveling two of those days so I ended up dressing like a bum most of this week. I promise this week there will be outfits though! I’m considering doing the wearwhatwhereapril style challenge that some of the girls on Instagram host, I’ll let you know if I end up doing it! Anyways sorry for such a long introduction I just felt the need to catch up with you all, thank you again! With love, McKenz

3.21.16- Unfortunately today I was stuck home with a fever over 103 and the flu. On the plus side, I finished Gossip Girl today. I am not surprised, as most people said I would be. I am so sad to let it go, although I started Friday Night Lights and am loving it.

3.22.16- Today I was also stuck in bed watching tv and coughing up a storm. I was able to spend lots of time reading the Bible and found some super awesome verses in Proverbs today!

3.23.16- Today was the last day of school before Spring Break and I managed to get to school. I was so happy I was able to so I could see Jeanie as much as possible before we parted separate ways. I also didn’t have theater today and was able to go watch my friends at the track meet!

3.24.16- Today was so much fun, I woke up early for the first day of break and met up with Celia and Jeanie. We ended up meeting up with some of our friends and playing basketball for the next few hours. We than went to the lacrosse game and I was able to say goodbye to everyone before I left for the weekend.

3.25.16- Today was a travel day. We left bright and early to go visit my aunt for the weekend. We went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and I was able to break out my leather jacket which made me so happy. My jeans are from Gap, jacket is from Target, tank is from Old Navy as well as my booties.

3.26.16- Today we did some major damage at the Outlet Mall and thrift store. It was a blast so stay tuned for the haul coming soon! I also got to dye some Easter eggs. I hate the taste of hard boiled eggs but it sure was fun decorating them.

3.27.16- Happy Easter everyone. He is risen! Today we went to church and had a wonderful Easter dinner. It was so much fun spending quality time with the family. Today (Monday) we came home. I am so pleased with my weekend and had a blast!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up #13

  1. So glad you were able to visit McKenz!! It was great to see you and share shopping adventures!! Can’t wait to see the new outfits you put together!!! Love you!!!

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