December Favorites

Oh December, possibly the fastest month yet but one of the best none the less. I am so pleased with how this month went, as I’m sure some of you are too. Although they may be stressful, the holidays are such a fun time of year. Spending time with loved ones and just constantly smiling ear to ear and eating wayyy too much. How could anyone not love them?! I plan on writing a 2016 favorites post too but figured I would end December with one as well.

As far as makeup goes, I really haven’t been wearing as much as I usually do.  Have been loving my Anastasia Contour Kit again. For a while I really just was into bronzer that was shimmery and more warm but I am slowly getting back into the matte shades from the kit. I have also been really loving matte eyeshadow which is strange because I used to never dare wearing mattes because I felt they did nothing and looked like chalk. I quickly realized that with a small line of liquid liner and a matte crease shade you can look super glam and make your lash band look super intense!

I have also been curling my hair like crazy this month. If I’m going for the Shirley Temple curls I tend to use my 1/2” wan from ConAir and if I want big voluminous curls I use my 2” ConAir Curling Iron. I can usually wear these curls for three days too which is so nice and saves me so much time in the mornings.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits from the month. I have been loving booties, turtle necks, and workout wear this month, as you can tell. If you want to see my outfits of the week be sure to read my Weekly Wrap Up’s every Sunday. I’ve also been loving chokers. They transform any outfit instantly!

I have a few specific songs I have been loving that I will list below.

  • Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott
  • Jealous by Labrinth
  • Woodland by the Paper Kites
  • Down in the Valley by The Head and the Heart

I am now on Season 3 of 90210 and like most of you told me, it finally did start to get good. Right now I am rooting for Liam and Annie!

Well that’s it for this month’s favorites. If you wrote a monthly favorites too be sure to leave the link below so I can check it out! If not, what have you been enjoying this month? As always if you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave them below! Thank you all so much for sticking around. Wishing you the best day! With love, McKenz.

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