April Showers: A Rainy Day Lookbook

Unfortunately the infamous saying ‘April showers bring May flowers’ holds true for the state that I live in, leaving us with humid showers and muggy temperatures throughout the days of April. And quite honestly those are the days that I struggle to find the perfect outfit to wear the most. If you have trouble choosing what to wear on a rainy day, don’t sweat it, I’ve gotcha covered. Below are four outfit ideas styled for this time of year.

A neck scarf paired with light hues is the perfect way to keep your outfit feeling springy. Try opting for rain booties they are an ideal option if you’re not up for wearing clunky rain boots all day.

neck scarf: Michael’s, tee: TJ Maxx, jeans: American Eagle, rain booties: Michael Kors/
TJ Maxx, watch: Kohls, purse: Target

Don’t be afraid to show your legs even if the rain is falling down. Skirts pair perfectly with Hunter’s during the muggy temperatures that rainy days bring. I went for a preppier look and paired this J Crew skirt with a flannel and pearls.

flannel: Old Navy, sweater: Gap, skirt: thrifted/J Crew, rain boots: Hunter, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Kohls

This is one of my favorite outfits for those days when it rained the night before and is still damp everywhere but not actually raining. Olive green rain booties pair so well with your typical everyday outfit plus vests are perfect if a light bit of outerwear is needed.

vest: thirfted/Target, jeans: American Eagle, rain booties: Old Navy, tank: TJ Maxx, bracelets: Alex and Ani, purse: Gap

Spring weather is the epitome of unpredictable weather. Where I live the rain can either mean two things: super muggy or chilly temps that make you want to snuggle up. This outfit is perfect for those colder rainy days. An oversized sweater with a colored pair of rain boots is my go to in this scenario.

sweater: Kohls, jeans: Hollister, socks: Kohls, rain boots: Hunter, choker: BellaDesignsByBree

What are you all wearing to keep dry this month? Let me know in the comments along with any other questions, comments, or requests you may have for me. Stay dry folks! With love, McKenz.

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6 Ways To Style Rain Boots

Good morning everybody. I am so so happy that today is Friday and that I have found time to sit down, unwind after the stressful week, and catch up on some Gossip Girl. It’s been rainy and snowing quite frequently here on the East Coast so today I decided that it could be helpful to style my rain boots six different ways. I hope you all are enjoying Wednesdays post, if you have any suggestions please leave them below. Thank you so much for the love and support, wishing you nothing but the best; with love, McKenz.

My first pair of rain boots are from the brand Hunter. They’re in the color Hunter Green and are the tall, matte style. I purchased mine around Christmas time from Costco for a surprising price of $80.00 which is almost half the price of the rain boots sold at Nordstrom and on the Hunter website. I love to wear these shoes to add pops of color to an outfit. I feel that my Hunters were a smart purchase because they are real rubber and they keep your feet completely dry throughout the messy weather.


#1: layering a flannel and sweater – I love this flannel because it has pops of hunter green and navy which coordinate perfectly with my boots and the sweater that I layered over top of it. This outfit provides more than one layer and keeps me warm in the midst of crummy weather.

Outfit Details: sweater – Old Navy, flannel – Old Navy, jeans – Hollister, rain boots – Hunter, watch – Kate Spade, bracelets – Alex and Ani, dainty necklace – Forever 21

IMG_8398.JPG#2: with a denim jacket – If you’ve read my blog than you would know that my denim jacket is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I also love a good striped shirt which I paired with this jacket and a scarf which matches my rain boots perfectly.

Outfit Details: denim jacket – Kohls, long sleeve – Gap, scarf – Old Navy, jeans – Hollister, rain boots – Hunter, boot liners – Hunter, watch – Kate Spade, bracelets – Alex and Ani


#3: a scarf and matching shoes – This outfit is probably one of my favorites because it’s simple and consists of basic colors which are versatile when adding additional pieces. I love pairing my Hunter socks with a matching white sweater.

Outfit Details: sweater – Gap, scarf – Old Navy, jeans – Hollister, boot liners – Hunter, rain boots – Hunter, watch – Kate Spade, bracelets – Alex and Ani


Unfortunately, I don’t know the brand of my second pair of rain boots. However, I purchased them from Nordstrom Rack about a year ago. They are an inch shorter than my Hunter rain boots and are black and glossy. I love these shoes because they go with all neutral tones and are perfect for days when I feel like adding in a few pops of color into my outfit.


#1: with a flannel and jacket – My army jacket is one of my favorite clothing pieces and it looks perfect with a neutral toned flannel. I also love adding a sweater over the top of a flannel to create an extra layer for added warmth.

Outfit Details: jacket – TJ Maxx, flannel – Old Navy, jacket – Hollister, rain boots – Nordstrom Rack, watch – Kate Spade, bracelets –  Alex and Ani, dainty necklace – Forever 21


#2: a simple sweater and matching socks – Hunter socks won’t break the bank and they make your shoes appear as actual Hunters. I love wearing a white sweater to match them and a black scarf to coordinate with my boots.

Outfit Details: sweater – Gap, scarf – Old Navy, jeans – Hollister, boot liners – Hunter, rain boots – Nordstrom Rack, watch – Kate Spade, bracelets – Alex and Ani


#3: a vest and turtle neck- I have a love for a good turtleneck and a matching vest. This one pairs perfectly with my rain boots and will keep you dry in case of bad weather in the forecast.

Outfit Details: turtleneck sweater – Old Navy, vest – Gap, jeans – Hollister, rain boots – Nordstrom Rack, watch – Macys