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Weekly Wrap Up #14 (Week In My Life + OOTW)

The week before spring break is always a drag because lots of studying for the final tests of the quarter + wishing for the weekend seems endless. Nonetheless, this week was full of gorgeous weather and a weekend trip to New York City for my very first college visit. Stay tuned for a travel diary (hopefully) coming soon! I had the best time and am so thankful to have been able to travel with my sister and mom. I am now on break and will be enjoying some time at home for the next week or so. What have you all been up to lately?! Let me know in the comments below along with any other questions, comments, or requests you may have for me. Sending you all my love. With love, McKenz.

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4.2.17- Spent this Sunday running some errands with my momma and soaking up the sunshine in my new sunnies.

Outfit Details- tee: American Eagle, jeans: Gap, shoes: TJ Maxx, sunglasses: Michael’s

4.3.17-Starting the week off with a super positive mindset because only four days until spring break!

Outfit Details- tank: Old Navy, cardigan: Gap, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Target, necklace: Nordstrom Rack

4.4.17- I have never been so happy while wearing a skirt. I thrifted this next to new J Crew skirt for $6 over the weekend and am completely obsessed.

Outfit Details- tee: H&M, skirt: thrifted / J Crew, sandals: Pierre Dumas, necklace: Nordstrom Rack, watch: Kohl’s

4.5.17- Today was a tank top and jeans weather kind of day. It has been absolutely beautiful out. And yet another day without a day in my life picture because I honestly have been doing nothing but studying for my final tests of the quarter!

Outfit Details- tank: Target, jeans: American Eagle, choker: BellaDesignsByBree, shoes: Rainbow, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlies

4.6.17- The last day of school before break is always such a drag. Luckily Madison, my mom, and I headed out early for a little weekend trip to NYC!

Outfit Details- jacket: Kohl’s, tee: Old Navy, chokers: BellaDesignsByBree, leggings: Gap, socks: Kohl’s, booties: Michael Kors

4.7.17- Woke up in NYC this morning which was so exhilarating. Then I got to visit the Fashion Institute of Technology and went for dinner with my fav cousins!

Outfit Details- jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, cardigan: Gap, tank: Old Navy, jeans: Gap, shoes: Vans, choker: Forever 21, watch: Kohl’s

4.8.17- Spent the whole day exploring New York City. We visited Times Square, Central Park, and lots more. Stay tuned for my New York City travel diary for all the details. Then we hopped on the bus to come home.

Outfit Details- jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, flannel: Old Navy, sweater: Old Navy, choker: Forever 21, watch: Kohl’s, jeans: Gap, shoes: Vans



New York Fashion Week in Review

New York Fashion Week is the most talked about event in the fashion industry. Between the styles, designers, and attenders; the amount of stuff to cover is absolutely endless. I am so jealous of all the bloggers that got to attend such  luxurious event. Unfortunately, I’m sitting on the sidelines wrapping up everything I’ve seen/heard and sharing with you my thoughts and takes on the high fashions that lined the runway last week.

First things first- the designers. Around 100 designers were selected to be in New York Fashion Week. If I’m being honest, some of them I’ve never even heard of and others are designers whose work I frequently look at and actually enjoy keeping up with. Sherri Hill, Vera Wang, and Project Runway.

Fashion Week ran from September 9th-September 14th and had shows from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm nearly everyday in New York City.

After looking through and analyzing literally thousands of pictures from the runways and the streets I have quickly realized what trends for the upcoming seasons I will be seen in, and which I wouldn’t dare wear out.

  • To begin we have the t-shirt with a dress pair dover top. Personally I’m not sure I would ever have the courage to work this type of outfit but I adore the way it looked on all of the models. It’s feminine but edgy with a hint of something new; its eye catching to say the least.
  • Monochromatic outfits seem to be everywhere, I have seen mostly black outfits but some grey and blue have been spotted. I personally love the monochrome, I think it’s daring but something the average person can easily experiment with.
  • Fringe has also been everywhere it seems like, on shoes, shirts, purses, and jackets. It’s got a boho vibe that adds texture and instantly draws attention to the area. I personally love it, but know it will be one of those trees that doesn’t last more than a year.
  • Off the shoulder tops and funky sleeves were spotted everywhere in the streets. I am personally all for the off the shoulder but some of the new sleeve designs look like they belong during the time of the Constitution.
  • Bomber jackets and fur coats. I love everything about these two trends. They are funky and fresh, out there and never boring. Two pieces I hope to have in my wardrobe in the near future.
  • The infamous choker was spotted time and time again along with fish nets (eek!). Belts above the waist and hoop earrings have been spotted as well. Accessories are being taken to a whole new level it seems like.
  • A few years ago the fashion world decided to almost fully eliminate skirts but they are back and better than ever now. It amazes me to see how many styles, textures, and fabrics are being used. the textiles paired with so many different styled tops are eye catching and look to die for. Something I can’t wait to style.
  • Blazer, trench coats, and the never-ending collars. I guess business style is back in style??!! Lots of khaki, business blue, an white being seen.
  • Ending with my favorite- the shoes. Platforms, lace ups, espadrilles, thigh high boots, chunky wedges, leather booties, peep toe boots, leather slides, and the sneakers. Shoes make or break every single look that is spotted. They have changed the game this season, every shoe is something new. Some of them I wouldn’t dare wear out in public unless I was in the city but they are exciting, interesting, and captivating. Something every designer seems to aim for when creating their line.

I obviously am no professional and did not attend NYFW. However, based on the countless pictures, articles, and videos I have seen/read/and watched I thought it would be fun to put together my thoughts on this years Fashion Week. I love this week because designers are adventurous and create pieces that somehow work there way into more realistic styles that are then later put into our local stores. Every piece of clothing has it’s story and every designer has their reasoning and this is the beauty of fashion; that’s the reason it is so captivating.

Let me know your favorite outfits and styles spotted at this years New York Fashion Week in the comments below. I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a fabulous Monday. Wishing you a stylish and successful week. With love, McKenz.

*no pictures were provided for copyright purposes, however pictures I have analyzed are from Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and NYFW.com*