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Best Of 2016- Makeup, Clothing, Moments, and More

As promised, today I will be sharing the best of 2016. From the moments to the makeup and everything in between; I am so thankful to be able to share it all with you.

Alright starting with the clothing. This was the year I truly began to experiment with my style and really try new things that forced me to step out of my comfort zone style wise. No doubt about it sandals and booties were what I lived in during 2016. My most worn shoes this year had to be my lace up sandals from Target and my maroon booties from Old Navy. My Gap Girlfriend jeans were always on repeat as well as my Gap overalls. You could count on a watch being on my wrist at all times as well. You can check out my top 16 outfits from 2016 by reading that post here.

Makeup is definitely narrowed down to my Too Faced Chocolate Bar, liquid lipsticks, and contouring. I really stepped up my game this year. I still have tons of stepping up to do but I gained a lot of skill and experience this year.

Sorry Gossip Girl- One Tree Hill takes the cake for best show of the year. No doubt about it.

Song of the year- my gosh this is tough. Maroon 5, She Will Be Loved. This one reminds me of all the good times, therefore I have to give it my top pick for the year.

My favorite book of the year has got to be The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Although, I really didn’t do too much reading this year so it’s not like I had tons to choose from. As far as reading in my Bible goes, Proverbs takes the win. It is beautiful in every way shape and form. It has short, sweet verses that will really speak to you. It provided such a gorgeous learning experience for me.

As far as the year goes as a whole I am so thankful to have been the school’s makeup artist for our most recent plays throughout the early months of the year. In March I traveled to New York for Spring break and in April I found the most amazing friends and my relationship with Jesus completely took off. In May I turned 15 and celebrated with all of my dearest friends after making Varsity Cheer for the second year in a row. In June I finished my Freshman year and took off to spend a few weeks in Wisconsin. Half of my July was spent at the beach with my best friend and once I came home I had the most amazing opportunity and was interviewed for the local new station. A huge milestone for my blog. Another one came shortly after in August when I reached 1,000 Instagram followers and released my first YouTube video. I started Sophomore year and blogging really began to take off for me. In September football season as well as competition was in full swing leaving me cheering every second of my ‘free’ time. October meant homecoming everything which is always so fun. In November my high school cheer team placed second in the county and my school’s football team finished with a perfect winning season. December treated me oh so good in every way. The first week of the year my boys became State champs for the second year in a row. It was the best feeling. December 7th I hit 1,000 blog followers leaving me with more than double my original goal for the year. Basketball started up and my love for cheering for it came back in a heartbeat. I then had Winter break and was back in New York with family. January 1st I celebrated one year of styledbymckenz.

Success was my favorite. Feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished is truly a feeling like no other.

This was the year I felt like I did the most growing. I really feel like I began to found myself and understand my place in the world and that is a wonderful feeling to have. I was a flower, blogging was my sun, and people were my rain. I’ve grown now.

Although this year had its downs it most certainty had its ups and I could not be more thankful for that. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you had a fabulous 2016 and that 2017 blesses you with something even greater.

With a whole lot of love, McKenz.

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