Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #40 (week in my life+ootw)

Hello everyone! Another week has passed which means it’s time for yet another Weekly Wrap Up. It’s crazy how fast time seems to be flying. Not to mention, it’s now Fall and October starts at the end of this week… how did that even happen?!? I am so excited for the upcoming weeks to come though, I am hopefully going to be accomplishing some super fun blog stuff and making the best memories with my friends. This week was jammed pack with some Fall transitioning outfits, so much cheer, and lots of stress. :,) I did however, come across this verse over the week that reminded me of God’s presence in my life. “You Lord are my lamp. The Lord turns my darkness into light” 2 Timothy 22:30. His love is soon good and so is yours, I can’t thank you all enough for helping me hit 50,000 views on styledbymckenz this week, I can’t imagine a life without you all. I hope you all enjoy this post and have had the best week. With love, McKenz.

9.18.16- Sending the afternoon with Jeanie and reading Milk&Honey which is easily one of the most relatable books ever. I am so in love with it and am so thankful for having some time to myself to read it this weekend.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, bralette: Urban Outfitters, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Old Navy, watch: Kohls

9.19.16- Starting Monday off in the most comfortable dress ever. After a long day at school, I headed to cheer for a soccer game. So thankful for Sarah and Bri who constantly help better me, breaks my heart knowing they’ll be graduating soon.

Outfit Details- dress: Old Navy, jacket; Kohls, shoes: Palm Beach Sandals, necklace: Forever 21

9.20.16- After a long day consisting of school, cheer, and a personal life, it is so nice to be reminded of God’s glory. 2 Samuel 22:31 says “the Lord’s word is flawless” and indeed it is.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter&Honey, shorts: TJ Maxx, sandals: Target, watch: Target, necklace: Charming Charlies

9.21.16- I felt like a million bucks wearing this outfit today, and it was definitely because of the denim skirt, lol. I loved it. Had to take a quick picture with Nick at lunch because he finally dressed up nice.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, bralette: Urban Outfitters, jean skirt: Guess, lace up sandals: Target, necklace: Forever 21, watch: Kohls

9.22.16- Happy fall y’all! So happy that my favorite season is finally here and in full swing. Today I had to cheer for another soccer game which we won, 1-0. It was such a late night, but thank God tomorrow is Friday!

Outfit Details- dress: TJ Maxx, cardigan: American Eagle, shoes: Birkenstocks, watch: Kohls, necklace: Ann Taylor Loft

9.23.16- Happy game day!!! We were back home again this week and ended the night with a 49-0 Win. It was a good night to say the least. The after party was so much fun too. I love catching up with everyone and h hearing how excited the boys are after their win.

Outfit Details- uniform, shoes: Nfinity

9.24.16- A night out with the girls was much-needed after a long practice and watching our JV football tam take home another win. So happy to have picked up a few cute Fall pieces and eat the Chipotle I had been craving for days now! :,)

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, bralette: Urban Outfitters, jeans: Hollister, booties: Steve Madden, with: Kohls, bracelet: Boho Betty, purse: Target

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #39 (week in my life + ootw)

Good morning friends! I am back with another Weekly Wrap Up and it is an exciting one to say the least! This week I hit 500 followers which may seem like a small number to many but is the most rewarding feeling ever to me. When I started my blog the only goal I ever set for myself was to one day hit five hundred followers. I never dreamed that I would hit it this soon but I am so thankful for all of the people who have helped make it possible for me. I switched up the style of this Weekly Wrap Up a bit and I hope you all enjoy it. I am currently planning some super cute Fall pots for this coming week that I hope you all enjoy. I am in desperate need of post ideas though; so that being said, if you have any please please please leave them below! Also, lots of blogger shave started talking about doing blogmas, any input on whether or not I participate?!!? I hope you all have had a wonderful week, let me know what you did this week and what you’re Sunday plans are, I would love to hear. Thank you so much for reading, never forget that the Lord’s love for you is so abundant and rooted so deeply in love. Have a fabulous week friends, I love you all! With love, McKenz.

9.12.16- A day off of school was spent working on a new blog post, catching up on One Tree Hill, and spending the majority of my day at cheer practice. Bri and I were matching today in our Hunter&Honey tanks.

Outfit Details- shirt:Forever 21, jeans: Hollister, sandals: Pierre Dumas

9.13.16- Another picture with Bri because we both decided to wear dresses to school today! Started on banner for the game Friday and had a super successful practice. I love seeing our routine come together.

Outfit Details- dress: TJ Maxx, necklace: Forever 21, sandals: Target, Watch: Macys, Bracelet: Boho Betty

9.14.16- Today has been the best days ever because I hit 500 followers here on styledbymckenz. Never in a million years did I dream up having so many loving people read my blog every day. I am so thankful for all of you!! I swear my overalls have magic powers because nothing bad ever happens when I’m in them.

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, overall: Gap, shoes: Converse, choker: ribbon, watch: Target

9.15.16-Getting pumped for our first home game tomorrow. Spending the night after practice studying, scrolling through Pinterest, and reading the most beautiful verses from my Bible.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hollister, skirt: thrifted/Mossimo, shoes: Pierre Dumas, necklace: Forever 21, watch: Kohls

9.16.16- Happy game day!!! Well three was another success, winning 52-14. It was so nice being back on our home field of the first time of sophomore year. So proud of my friends, teammates, and school.

Outfit Details- uniform, shoes: Nfinity

9.17.16- Spent the morning looking at all the cute fall home decor at Chartreuce and then spending the day out and about homecoming shopping with Madison and my mom.

Outfit Details- shirt: TJ Maxx, jeans: American Eagle, shoes: Pierre Dumas, hat: Old Navy, necklace: Charming Charlies, watch: Kohls, purse: Gap

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #37


Happy Sunday friends, I can’t believe that I am already writing my thirty-seventh Weekly Wrap Up!!! I am so thankful for everything blogging has taught me and am truly amazed at how far I have come. I never thought I would reach almost 500 followers and create a community of people who I love with all my heart. In the midst of school and my crazy chaotic schedule, I am constantly reminding myself that God’s plan for me is greater than anything I could ever dream up myself. He is continuously allowing cheerleading, my friends and family, blogging, and His glory help me grow as a person and follow the path that He has so carefully laid out for me. I hope you all enjoy reading about my week and the outfits I have put together. I hope you all have the best week ahead. Sending all my smiles and happiness your way. With love, McKenz.

9.5.16- Spending the day filming, editing, and planning stuff for styledbymckenz. I am trying so hard to better my content and feel as though I should switch some of my ways. Let me know what you all think would help better my blog. I went to Dunkin with Celia and today and majorly enjoyed my day off.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, jeans: American Eagle, shoes: Rainbows

9.6.16- A good day at school was followed by a successful cheer practice, responding to blog comments, and sharing was I read in Genesis 43 with Gb later that night. It was a reminder that God’s glory is always with us. I love nights like this one.

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, shorts: Guess, shoes: target, bandana: Michael’s, watch: Macy’s

9.7.16- I love my girl Ashley and spending our lunch period in the courtyard. Practice was cut short tonight which was so nice because I was able to head home and get a head start on homework before going to bed super early.

Outfit Details- romper: Forever 21, army vest: thrifted/Mossimo Supply Co, shoes: Palm Beach Sandals, watch: Kohls, bracelets: Charming Charlies, Alex and Ani, Boho Betty

9.8.16- A normal day of school, cheer,  and hours of homework. I’ve been spending a bunch of time lately researching schools and majors, a I feel i have to get a grip on what i want to do in the future.

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, shorts: TJ Maxx//Pacsun, sandals: Target, watch: Kate Spade, bralette: American Eagle, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani, DSW

9.9.16- Happy game day!!! Had to take a picture with Sean and put him up on the blog today, as he’s one of the greatest friends God has ever given me. I am so thankful for him and our friendship. We had an amazing game and won 56-10.

Outfit Details- uniform, shoes: Nfinity

9.10.16- Today I woke up bright and early to join the jv cheerleaders and their coach for the jv football game. They played so well and we won 64-22. After sitting around for a few hours I headed back out to watch some more football at the game for my little cheerleaders  that I coach.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Rainbows, watch: Target, necklace: Charming Charlies

9.11.16- Spending the day catching upon YouTube videos, blog posts, and homework. I am currently looking forward to watching the Green Bay game which I will be watching later if I can find the will to put down my season of One Tree Hill. (‘:

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, leggings: TJ Maxx

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #35

Oh my gosh I never thought this day would come but here we are. The last day of Summer is always so bitter-sweet but I’ve had the best day and am looking forward to the school year ahead. This week was so hectic between cheer practice, Celia back in school, last-minute school errands, and soaking up the last week of the sweet Summer sun. Read all about my week and catch my outfit details below!  I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support you all continuously show me and am so excited for you all to be on this journey with me. I hope you guys enjoy. With love, McKenz.

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8.22.16- Sending my best friend Celia off to private school today. Hard to believe that after ten years I won’t be running towards the bus stop with her. I’m so proud to call her my friend and can’t wait to watch her do amazing things.

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, pearls: Forever 21, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Jack Rogers, watch: Kate Spade

8.23.16- Woke up early to go to the dentist and then came home and spent some much-needed time praising Jesus before heading to cheer practice. Psalms always amazes me.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter&Honey, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Target, watch: Kohls

8.24.16- One of my favorite days of the year is Fall Sports Picture Day. I love seeing everyone all dolled up and in their uniform. I’m so excited for or first game which is almost a week away!

Outfit Details- uniform, shoes: Nfinitys

8.25.16- Spending the night with Jeanie after a long day of cheer practice and blogging. Basically our last hoorah of Summer as far as sleepovers go.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter&Honey, jeans: American Eagle

8.26.16- My Friday night was spent at the football scrimmage where we won big time. I had the best time watching my friends and hanging out with everyone before school starts. I love football and am so excited for our first game next week.

Outfit Details- dress: Forever 21, shoes: Palm Beach Sandals, watch: Kohls

8.27.16- Spent my day up at the high school coaching the little girls as they cheered for their first football game of the season. Crazy to think that I was in their shoes two wears ago, and now I coach with my old coach.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, bralette: Urban Outfitters, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Birkenstocks, lanyard: Vineyard Vines

8.28.16- Spending the last day of summer packing my bags for school tomorrow,ou to lunch with Gb, and taking my annual walk with Celia before heading in to mentally prepare myself for the stress that I know the upcoming school year is bound to bring lol.

Outfit Details- shirt: NAU, shorts: Under Armour, shoes: Converse

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #34

Hello friends! I can’t believe this is my second to last Weekly Wrap Up of the Summer. That makes me sad but I am so excited to get back into a daily routine and to be cheering on the sidelines at football games. This week was full of cheer, Dunkin, and bible verses. I can not thank you all enough for helping me reach 1,000 followers on Instagram (@styledbymckenz) I have so much love in my heart for all of you and it brings me to tears thinking that this is only the beginning. Thank you to each and every one of you for joining me on this journey, I truly would be nothing without you all. “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 I have seen God work wonders in m life these past couple weeks and am so aware of His glory. I hope you all have the best week ahead, thank you for everything. With love, McKenz.

8/15/16- Reading the best verses from Psalm 33 to the epilogue of Proverbs. It was so good to read with Gb and be reminded that everything we do is rooted out of love from the Lord.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter&Honey, jean shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Target, watch: Target, bracelet: Boho Betty

8/16/16- Had our last Dunkin date ever with Jenna this morning 😦 So sad to see my BFF go to college but I know she’ll do amazing things.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, shorts: TJ Maxx, shoes: Birkenstocks, watch: Target

8/17/16- No cheer practice for the high school today which means blogging all day before going into town to coach the little mini cheerleaders. I hope one day they can look back and say it was all worth it the way I was able to.

Outfit Details- shirt: Ron John, shorts: Nike, shoes: Nike, sports bra: Target

8/18/16- A hard day spent at cheer practice was followed by having Celia and Jeanie over for a few hours. Also my new Palm Beach Sandals came in the mail today and I am SO in love with them.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Rainbows, watch: Target, bracelet: Boho Betty

8/19/16- After what seemed like forever, Gb and I FINALLY got together. We ate dinner and then had a pillow fight with Madison. She and I obviously won because of our twin telepathy. Afterwards Gb and I watched Forest Gump together. It was a good night.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter&Honey, shorts: Under Armour, sports bra: Nike, shoes: Nike

8/20/16- A day spent makeup shopping is a day well spent. After lazing around Madison, my mom and I went out to run some errands. I came home to organize my makeup and spend an evening watching One Tree Hill. I also hit 1,000 followers on my blogging Instagram today and I couldn’t be happier or more thankful.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter&Honey, shorts: Nike, shoes: Rainbows, bralette: Urban Outfitters

8/21/16- Woke up bright and early and headed to Dunkin to kick off Celia’s last day of Summer. I wish mornings with Jeanie, Colleen, Madison, Celia and I could last forever. Now I’m home blogging and planning out back to school stuff.

Outfit Details- shirt: Target, boxers: Old Navy, shoes: Birkenstocks, bralette: Urban Outfitters


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Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #33

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been getting so many new followers lately so I wanted to re-explain what a Weekly Wrap Up is. basically, every Sunday I sit down and write about what I did that week, share a picture of what I wore each day, and a picture of what I found happiness in. Anyways, another week of Summer has passed by which means only two weeks left till I go back to school. Cheer officially started this week which means almost three hours of practice a day and being an outfit repeater 5/7 days a week, hence the reason the outfit pictures this week were kept to a minimum. Also this week I started a YouTube which was a huge milestone for me so make sure to click here, to check it out if you missed Monday’s post. I hope you all have had the best week! Make sure to check out this week’s posts I Made A YouTube, 5 Ways To Style Denim Shorts, How Would You Describe Your Style, Drugstore VS High-end Eye Makeup. Thank you all so so so much for your constant love and support, it means the absolute world to me. Stay tuned for some back to school posts coming soon and possibly another YouTube makeup tutorial if you all are interested!! Thank ya for stopping by. With love, McKenz.

8/8/16- Starting the week off with a full five hours of cheer camp. I never realized how much I missed practice and my teammates until today. We had so much fun trying new skills and perfecting old ones.I also uploaded my first YouTube video ever which was seriously SO exciting for me!

Outfit Details- shirt: Spiritwear, shorts: Under Armour, shoes: Nfinity

8/9/16- Our second/last day of camp was another success. Our team was able to grow so much closer and we tried so many cool stunts. After our long day I headed over to Nicoles house along with a bunch of friends to hang one last time before sport’s get into full swing.

Outfit Details- shirt: H&M, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Target

8/10/16- Our first day of practice outside was definitely a hot one! We worked so hard. Afterwards I headed home and was able to knock out a bunch of One Tree Hill episodes. I can’t get over that show, it’s the best!!

Outfit Details- shirt: Spiritwear, shorts: Under Armour, shoes: Nfinity

8/11/16- Spending the day with Celia and soaking up as many minutes as possible before she get’s back into the swing of things. After practice I cam home and was able to catch up with Gb for a few hours which was much-needed.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter&Honey, shorts: Nike, shoes: Nike

8/12/16- After practice being cut short, Madison and I went home, showered, and then spent the night bonding with our teammates at the cheer sleepover. It was so much fun.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter&Honey, shorts: Nike, shoes: Nike

8/13/16- Spending the day working on blog stuff and school supply shopping as well as picking out some clothes from TJ Maxx. They always have the best things! Afterwards our family went out to dinner and then home for some One Tree Hill and ice cream.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Target, watch: Target

8/14/16- Wooo today was the best day. My mom, Madison, and I woke up early and headed right to the mall for some back to school shopping. I had been saving up for today and did some major damage which will be up in a Back To School Clothing Haul very soon!

Outfit Details shirt: Aeropostale, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Pierre Dumas, purse: Longchamp, watch: Target


Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #32

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you all are having a great day. I cannot believe we already a full week into August, it seems hard to believe that we’ll be back in school in just a few short weeks. That reminds me, I will be starting back to school posts soon so if you would like to see anything in particular just let me know. This week was full of cheer, blogging, and yoga! It seems like my blog really took off this week, so thank you all for the incredibly positive responses I’ve been receiving. Another thing that I’ve come to love is the Instagram stories! I’m not sure about you all but I’ve been loving getting to know you guys more and looking into your life! So thank you everyone, you guys mean the world to me! If you missed this weeks posts: The Power of Makeup, My Top 5 Favorite Summer Outfit Ideas, One Lovely Blog Award//Leibster Award, All About Jewelry, Recreating Pinterest Outfits//Summer Edition. Wishing you all the best in the week ahead! With love, McKenz.

8/1/16- Woke up early and headed to the dentist. Then came home and had Celia over to help me with some blogging stuff. She’s the best friend ever for always helping me, I can’t thank her enough.

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, bralette: American Eagle, shorts: Target, shoes: Pierre Dumas, watch: Target

8/2/16- Celia and I had plans tonight for what seemed like the first time in forever. We got all dressed up and then went out to dinner and walked around with Sean and Ethan.

Outfit Details- romper: Old Navy, necklaces: Fransescas and Forever 21, watch: Kate Spade, shoes: Botique

8/3/16- Today’s events consisted of going to the allergist, walking to the park, going to cheer practice, and then making our way to yoga.

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, bralette: Urban Outfitters, shorts: American Eagle, shoes:Target, watch: Kohls.

8/4/16- An early morning practice and then coming home to work on some major blog stuff was on today’s agenda. For some reason I held a sense of pride in my stomach today. I’m pleased with myself and for things I’ve accomplished through blogging.

Outfit Details-shirt: Spiritwear, shorts: Under Armor, shoes: Nike

8/5/16- One of my only days without an obligation it seems like, today I got up and went straight to work planning out blog posts, filming, and taking lots of pictures.

Outfit Details- romper: Forever 21, shoes: TJ Maxx, necklace: Forever 21

8/6/16- Started the day off with an early morning yoga class and then went to lunch afterwards. Cheer car wash followed by Celia sleeping over.

Outfit Details- dress: Forever 21, necklace: Forever 21, shoes: Rainbows

8/7/16- So thankful for Madison who helped me edit my YouTube video today which should be going up tomorrow! Spent most of the day lazing around and preparing for the cheer season to start tomorrow!

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Target, watch: Target, bracelet: Boho Betty