February Fashion Forecast

Hey, ladies! It’s about time I upload the fashion forecast for this month! If you’re new around here or missed my January Fashion Forecast, these posts are a place for me to share my favorite trends and pieces that I have been seeing everywhere from magazines to Pinterest to the people of our very own streets. As I have stated before, I adore trendy fashion that is different from the normal these days so here I am sharing with you what I have been loving lately.

First things first, band tees. I have been seeing these everywhere, paired with fishnets, over the knee boots, or an oversized denim jacket. I have always been a huge fan of oversized tee and will hopefully be jumping on this bandwagon sooner rather than later!

Fishnets are back ladies and gents… for real. I have seen these paired under dresses, under jeans, or even in sock form peeking out of your favorite kicks at the moment. I cannot wait to pick up a pair myself because I am seriously obsessed with this grunge edgy trend right now. Plus the girls from FIT (one of my dream fashion schools) that I follow on Instagram have been styling these nonstop and they look ah-mazing to say the least.

Everything that goes around comes around… especially in the fashion industry these days. Scrunches had their resurrection a few seasons ago but lately I have been seeing ones in velvet, fun Spring patterns, or just worn on the wrist for a super fun look. They remind me of sunshine, so maybe that’s why I love them so much.

And last but not least for this month, fake glasses! I have bene loving simple wired frames that are not needed for actual vision problems. They are so cute and something about them just really draws my attention. So obsessed!

What fashion have you been loving this month?! Let me know in the comments below along with any other questions, comments, or requests you may have for me. I am always happy to chat! Wishing you all the best days ahead. With love, McKenz.

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Spring Vibes // OOTD

Right when I started to think that spring weather would never show a glimpse of itself, Mother Nature decided to give us weather in the high sixties and low seventies! We’re going on almost a week in a row now with the most amazing sunny, warm weather and I can not say I am the tiniest bit disappointed by it.

The other day I had a girls day with my mom and wore this super cute outfit that was perfect for the fabulous Spring weather we have been having so I decided that I would share it with you all.

I paired this simple off the shoulder top with some distressed ankle lengthen jeans that I bought on clearance from Old Navy a while back. I threw on my espadrilles fromForever 21 because they scream Spring to me and added my Kendra Scott for an extra touch. I am also wearing a few random Alex and Ani’s and my Boho Betty bracelet.

You can use the code ‘styledbymckenz’ to get 20% off your bracelet! Click here to check out their site.

What have you all been wearing lately?! Let me know in the comments below along with any other questions, comments, or requests you may have for me. Wishing lots of sunny days upon you all. With love, McKenz.

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New York Fashion Week In Review

New York Fashion Week is the most talked about event in the fashion industry. Between the styles, designers, and attenders; the amount of stuff to cover is absolutely endless. I am so jealous of all the bloggers that got to attend such a luxurious event. Unfortunately, I’m sitting on the sidelines wrapping up everything I’ve seen/heard and sharing with you my thoughts and takes on the high fashions that lined the runway over the last week or so.

First things first- the designers. Around 100 designers were selected to be in New York Fashion Week this spring to share their Fall 2017 lines. If I’m being honest, some of the designers I’ve never even heard of as per usual and others are designers whose work I frequently look at and actually enjoy keeping up with. Project Runway, Tommy Hilfiger, and J Crew were some of my favorites to keep up with this time around.

Fashion Week was last week and had various shows all day along from around 9:00 am- 6:00 pm. The next NYFW will be held in the Fall and it is currently Hong Kong Fashion Week where designers like Gypsy Sport, Adam Selman, and Coach will be featured.

After looking through and analyzing literally thousands of pictures from the runways and the streets  from this past week I have quickly realized what trends for the upcoming seasons I myself will be seen in, and which I wouldn’t dare wear out. I am so beyond excited to see how stores revamp these styles and what celebs + bloggers will be pulling them right off the runway.

Now let’s dig into the trends. Keep in mind this was the Fall 2017 show.

  • Pom poms, tassels, and other fun accents were seen everywhere on clothing. They add a funky flare, that looks DIYed in my eyes. It’s growing on me, if I’m being honest. I like how different it is, and on shoes I think it will be such a statement.
  • Politics is another thing that was taken to the runways this time around. Women advertising their strength and their rights was extremely popular and seen on the bodies of many models from Prabal Gurung.
  • Talk about velvet everywhere. Dresses, tee’s, pants, shoes… you name it and the runways had it all. I adore velvet and am so happy that it will not be leaving us quite yet.
  • Fringe was spotted everywhere as well. Mostly on dresses and skirts. It seems flattering, sexy, and daring.I can’t wait to see what stores do with this trend.
  • Oversized everything has taken the hearts of us all for the last few seasons and will continue to be seen everywhere this coming season. Jackets and pants seem to be the latest category to be seeing it.
  • Let’s talk about sleeves. Every type of pattern, style, or flare you could imagine a sleeve to have this weeks runway brought. I am loving all of the ruffles and such and have already started to see stores like Forever 21 and Target featuring this trend in their Spring lines.
  • And saving one of my favorites for last.. embroidery. I’m not sure why I am loving this one so much but it’s so creative and different that it has completely stolen my heart. I can not wait to see more embroidery on shoes, jackets, and dresses in the near future!!

I obviously am no professional, nor did I attend NYFW, however, based on the countless pictures, articles, and videos I have seen/read/and watched I thought it would be fun to put together my thoughts on this seasons Fashion Week. I love this week because designers are adventurous and create pieces that somehow work their way into more realistic styles that are then later put into our local stores for your average girls like myself to wear. Creativity is absolutely endless in the eyes of designers which is what makes this week so great in my eyes.

What trends did you spot on the runways and/or streets this season?! Let me know in the comments below along with any other questions, comments, or requests you may have for me. Wishing you the best week ahead. With love, McKenz.

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Pinterest Outfit Recreations

I am obsessed with Pinterest and that is no secret. It’s an awesome way to connect with other bloggers, gain some inspiration, and keep all your favorite pictures in one place which is why last year I began to recreate a few of the pictures I had saved on my Pinterest account every few months. These posts challenge me to really look in my closet and get creative with my style and wardrobe. I totally recommend doing this if you are ever stuck in a clothing rut (like myself lately) or are interested in trying out some newer trends!

This was the first outfit I chose to recreate simply because I have a few denim button ups that I never seem to reach for anymore. I figured that this outfit is perfect for this time of year anyways! I still need a sweater because temperatures are around the forties but it has a spring vibe in my opinion.

sweater: Talbots, jeans: Hollister, button up: Hollister, booties: Sam&Libby

I thought this outfit was too cute. I loved the black and white paired with the chunky belt. I fished this one out of my mom’s closet and threw on a black choker as well. I didn’t have shoes that looked too similar so I’m wearing black booties in place. I never would have thought of this outfit combo if it weren’t for Pinterest which is exactly why I love doing these types of posts!

top: Hollister, jeans: Gap, shoes: Steve Madden, belt: unknown, choker: Forever 21

I’ve also been looking for more ways to style my leather jacket with light wash denim so this outfit was right up my ally. A simple white tee and some classic black booties tied this look together perfectly.

jacket: Target, tee: Old Navy, jeans: Gap, booties: TJ Maxx

If you have a Pinterst that you would like me to follow, be sure to leave your username below. I hope this gave you all some sort of inspiration! I had so much with this post and will definitely be recreating more Pinterest outfits in the future. Be sure to leave any questions, comments, or requests you may have below. Wishing you a fabulous day! With love, McKenz

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Valentine’s Day GRWM (Hair, Makeup, and Outfit Idea)

Woo only one more day until Valentine’s Day! Truth be told, I have never been a huge fan of the holiday but once I began blogging I realized how many ideas a holiday can generate. Therefore, here I am blogging about a hair, makeup, and outfit idea for Valentine’s Day. I hope you all have the best day and enjoy this post. Let’s jump right in!

Hair- I’m sure we’re all well aware that my hair is a hot, frizzy mess when it’s not styled so to begin the taming of my hair I am going to be brushing it out and then spraying the Infusium23 Heat Tamer onto my hair. This will keep the heat of my curling iron from completely damaging my ends. For today’s hair I am going to be using the Conair 1/2′ curling wand and curling my hair in opposite directions and varying the amount of hair I pull each time. This will keep the hair different and add tons of volume to my hair. Lastly I am going to be spraying my locks thoroughly with the Got 2 Be Glued Freeze Hold Hairspray. This will completely hold my curls and allow them to be worn for more than one day at a time.

Makeup- Alright y’all, moving onto the makeup I beginning by priming my lids and face as always using my beloved Nivea Men’s Shave Balm Primer and the Urban Decay Primer Potion. These products will keep my makeup from sliding throughout the day and ensure that nothing creases.

Next I am taking the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation on a damp beauty blender and buffing this into my skin for an even coverage. I am then taking the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and mattefying my face to keep from getting oily.

Next I am going to be taking the Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade ‘Barely Brnaded’ and applying this all over my lids. This product is going to act as a base and keep my shadows in place for hours on end. For this look I am going to be using shadows from my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. First I am applying the shade ‘Buzz’ all over my lids.

Then I am going to be taking the shade ‘Limit’ on a fluffy crease brush and applying this into my crease. I am then taking a bit of ‘Nooner’ on a tampered crease brush and applying this to my outer V to create more depth and definition to the eyes. I am then popping a bit of ‘Strange’ in my inner corner.

For the brows I am going to be filling and shaping them using the Anastasia Dip Brow and highlighting my brow bone with the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in ‘Milk’.

I am then applying a coat of the Covergirl Flamed Up Mascara. For the lips today I will be using a Stila Lip Glaze.

I am contouring my cheek bones, temples, and nose using the bronzer from the Anastasia Contour Kit and highlighting the tips of my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, cupids bow, and brow bone using the shade ‘Vanilla’ from the Anastasia Contour Kit.

I am in love with this look for the month of February!

Outfit- I am all about the fur and over the knee boots lately. For this look I am pairing a fur vest from Old Navy over a simple black sweater from Old Navy. My jeans are from Hollister and the boots I am wearing are from DSW. To add a subtle pop of pink to the outfit I am wearing a statement necklace from Charming Charlies and a bar necklace from Forever 21.

Well, what do you think of this look?! Let me know in the comments below along with any other questions, comments, or requests you may have for me! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Sending you all my love! With love, McKenz.

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Date Night Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hey y’all! I have been on such a Valentine’s Day kick lately and since my twin sister Madison and her boyfriend Colton are always happy to help me out when it come’s to blogging they didn’t seem too disappointed when I asked them to help me out with a few date night outfit ideas and get some cute pictures together.

Originally I was hoping that I could have a few more of my friends and their boyfriends be featured in this post but that didn’t end up working out as I had hoped. So instead the three of us all had to do an outfit change. Which despite the freezing weather, didn’t end up being so bad.

I picked out all of our outfits to somewhat coordinate for the sake of the cohesive feel I hoped this post to have, For the first set of outfits I went for the pops of pink and of course Colton’s red flannel. This worked out perfectly with the Valentine’s Day banner that I had hanging from the gate.

For the second group of outfits I went for olive-green and some pops of pink in my shoes and Madison’s necklace. Nothing too overpowering, but still a subtle touch to remind you of the holiday.

Breaking out my light pink lace ups and a coordinating necklace for this look to keep it simple and chic.

Left Outfit Details- top: Old Navy, necklace: Francesca’s, jeans: Hollister, flats: Glicks, watch: Kohls, bracelet: Boho Betty (use code ‘styledbymckenz’ at checkout for 20% off)

I went for my cargo jacket for this look and pinched it at the waist, plus threw on this gold purse for some added flair.

Right Outfit Details- jacket: TJ Maxx, jeans: Hollister, flats: Glicks, purse: Gap, watch: Kohls, bracelet: Boho Betty

Madison is all for the preppy style so I put her in a pink button up and a simple white vest. She looks so classic and of course her hair looks perfect as per usual.

Left Outfit Details- shirt: Gap, vest: Old Navy, necklace: Kendra Scott, bracelet: KJP, watch: Fossil, jeans: Hollister, leg warmers: Kohls, riding boots: Kohls

As you can tell from these looks and my post ‘Styling My Twin Sister for a Week‘ Madison is a vest kind of gal. This coordinated perfect with Colton and her light pink necklace added a subtle pop.

Right Outfit Details- vest: Old Navy, sweater: American Eagle, necklace: Charming Charlies, jeans: Hollister, leg warmers: Kohls, riding boots: Kohls

Let me tell you, picking out boy outfits is so far from easy. This red flannel was perfect for this post with the red and pops of white. Colton is a Khaki’s kind of guy and his black shoes pulled the look together.

Left Outfit Details- shirt: Abercrombie&Fitch, pants: TJ Maxx, shoes: VANS

This simple outfit is so simple and matches so well. Thank you Colton for not being complicated in front of the camera!!
Right Outfit Details-  Shirt: Unknown, pants: TJ Maxx, shoes: VANS

The banner used in today’s post is from Hunter&Honey and is seriously so adorable.

Feel free to check out their Instagram here, and their Facebook page here if you’re interested in this banner or any other personalized goodies!

I want to give a huge thank you to Colton (and Madison!) for being such a good sport in front of the camera and my sweet momma for taking these gorgeous pictures for today’s post! I could not be happier with how they turned out and had such a good time taking them.

Alright ladies and gents, that’s a wrap for today’s post. I hope you got some ideas from these casual date night inspired looks. Let us know which look was your favorite or what you’re doing this Valentine’s Day in the comments below along with any other questions, comments, or requests you may have for me. Have a fabulous day! With love, McKenz.

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Styling My Twin Sister for a Week

As many of you know, I have a twin sister, Madison. Obviously we are not identical but some weeks she too wants to dress nicely. However, Madison often comes to me with a closet full of cute clothes saying she is unsure of what pieces pair together well. So this week I took advantage of her asking and decided that she would be in front of the camera rather than behind it for a change. She typically dresses very preppy. She loves Vineyard Vines and vests but likes to keep things pretty comfortable as well. In knowing this, I came up with five outfits for her to wear this week. Keep reading to check them out!

Monday- Madison specifically asked me to pick out an outfit that would look good with this denim ruffled top. I opted for some dark denim to add some contrast and some pearls to keep it extra classy and sophisticated. Her shoe selection to pair with this outfit in January wasn’t spectacular so I opted for some basic white Converse.

Outfit Details– shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, bracelet: KJP, watch: Fossil, necklace: Mom’s, shoes: Converse

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Tuesday- On Tuesday a little dusting of snow was expected and Madison told me she wanted to wear her bean boots and this new red sweater that she had yet to wear since receiving it for Christmas. I figured a navy flannel with red in it would pair perfectly with the sweater and the navy blue on her boots. Her KJP bracelet tied the look together and we stuck with light wash jeans to break up the navy.

Outfit Details– sweater: American Eagle, jeans: Hollister, flannel: Old Navy, shoes: Bass, bracelet: KJP, watch: Fossil

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Wednesday– Today Madison asked specifically that I incorporate her olive-green rain booties into the look. I went with a matching olive-green vest and a coordinating white sweater and socks. She added a scarf for an extra layer.

Outfit Details– scarf: Old Navy, sweater: American Eagle, vest: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, booties: Old Navy, socks: Old Navy

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Thursday- It wouldn’t be a typical week for Madison if I didn’t include some sort of Vineyard Vines or a quarter zip. I paired a navy Nautica quarter zip with her beloved Hunter boots and picked out a long sleeve for an added touch.

Outfit Details- quarter zip: Nautica/TJ Maxx, shirt: Vineyard Vines, jeans: Hollister, boots: Hunter, bracelet: KJP, watch: Fossil

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Friday- I decided to let Madison get comfy today and paired her favorite red flannel with some basic leggings and riding boots. By throwing on a vest the outfit was instantly pulled together and she had an extra layer for the chilly start to the morning.

Outfit Details- flannel: American Eagle, vest: Kohls, leggings: Gap, riding boots: Kohls, watch: Fossil

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Overall I am really pleased with the outfits I came up with for Madison and so was she. It truly goes to show that you can make an outfit from any sort of pieces as long as you have a vision and an eye. I would like to say a big thank you to Madison for letting me use her for today’s blog post and I certainly hope this won’t be the last time.

Be sure to leave a comment letting us know which look was your favorite as well as whether or not you liked this type of post. If you any other questions, comments, or requests be sure to leave them below as well. Have a fabulous day, my friends.
With love, McKenz.

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January Fashion Forecast

The beginning of a new year always comes with several new trends and fresh styles that make their way right onto the hottest stores’ clothing racks. I mean, who wouldn’t want to start the year with a jaw dropping ensemble?! Today I’m here to report what’s popular this month and which trends are stealing the hearts of every fashion fanatic at the moment.

First up without a doubt is tennis shoes. Whether they be Adidas Superstars, velvet platforms, or trendy New Balance’s I have seen sweet kicks on the feet of everyone with a name this month. Not to mention the fancy sock booties that have made their way into every clothing store this season.

We cannot forget about the slip dress trend. Whether a classic tee is paired under or a fierce leather jacket over, this look seems to be the current favorite for going out. Plus they double as a tank once paired into some mom jeans. With the nineties craze still in full swing, I find it hard to believe this one will be leaving anytime soon.

Workout wear and athleisure have made their way into every girls’ wardrobe as far as I’m concerned. Pairing perfectly with the sweet kicks I mentioned earlier, you can easily pull together an effortlessly sporty chic look.

And lastly, as always, endless chunky knits. They are inevitable around this time of year, plus nothing says a flawless outfit than a cozy turtle neck and a knee-length jacket. Adding a hat, scarf, or purse is always the perfect added touch, as seen all over my Instagram feed lately.

I have to say I’ve been jumping on the bandwagon myself and fallen in love with this month’s fashion forecast as well. The only trend I’m still unsure of is platform shoes, and solely for the fact that I don’t think I could ever pull them off. What trends have you been loving? Let me know in the comments below, along with any questions, comments, or requests you may have. Thank you all so much for checking in, stay tuned for February’s trend report. Have a fabulous day, loves.
With love, McKenz.

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GRWM School Day- Hair, Makeup, and Outfit

Hey, ladies! I hope your day is off to a good start. I am always being asked how I get ready for a typical school day so today I decided to share with you a hair, makeup, and outfit idea for you and hopefully you can gain some insight as to how I get ready!

Makeup- Before I begin I wanted to say that no, I do not spray tan. My face is naturally much paler than the rest of my body, lol. Also, my makeup changes on a day-to-day basis as you can tell from previous blog posts and my Makeup Of The Weeks. Today I chose a rather simple makeup look to share with you all.

before and after

I am starting by priming my face with the Nivea Men’s Shave Balm to ensure that my makeup lasts all day. I am then taking the Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation on a damp beauty blender and buffing this into my skin to even out my skin tone.

I am then taking the Garniar Under-eye Roller Concealer and applying this in a triangle shape to conceal my under-eye circles. I am then taking the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and setting my face makeup to keep my face from getting oily throughout the day.

I am keeping the eye makeup to a bare minimum today by filling and shaping my brows with the Anastasia Dip Brow in the shade ‘Blonde’. I am then curling my lashes and applying the Maybelline Chaotiques Mascara while fully coating my lashes to lengthen and volumize them.

I prefer to contour and highlight after I have applied my eye makeup so I know how dark I can make the contour. I am using the Lumene Bronzer and the highlighter ‘Vanilla’ from the Anastasia Contour Kit to highlight the high points of my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, and my cupids bow.

I have recently been loving blush so I am taking the peach shade from the Elf Blush Quad and applying this to my cheeks. I find that helps add some liveliness to my face. I am then taking one of my favorite lipsticks from Buxom in the shade ‘Brooklynn’ and applying this to my lips.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

That’s it for the makeup look, its super simple. I typically go for this look when I am in a time crunch or want to sleep in a few minutes, as opposed to the days when I do a ‘Makeup Of The Week’ type of makeup look.

IMG_4375.JPGHair- Before I get into the actual hair look itself, I thought I’d let you know my typical hair routine. I usually will wash and condition my hair on Sunday night using the uSmooth Cleanse and Conditioning products and heat style it the following morning. I will wear that hair for a couple of days and then repeat the same routine midway through the week. I have found that this routine helps my dry hair build up natural oils and keeps me from using heat on my hair everyday. The uSmooth products are perfect for my color treated hair and help keep my ends nice and hydrated!

before and after

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


To begin I am spraying the USmooth Texturizing Spray  on my clean hair. I find that this helps make my curls look more relaxed and beachy. I am then using the USmooth Wave Iron to create some natural looking waves in my hair. I seriously love this product because it feels like I’m not using heat on my hair, almost like this is just my natural hair but better. Plus it made my hair so voluminous which is typically something my hair lacks. I am then making sure my locks stay this fabulous throughout the day by using the USmooth Flex Medium Hairspray.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Outfit- My outfits change from day-to-day as you know from my Weekly Wrap Up’s. My usual outfits typically include a sweater and booties. This outfit is simple, chic, and comfortable, making it perfect for an everyday school look.

Outfit Details- sweater: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, booties: TJ Maxx, necklace: Old Navy, watch: Kohls




Well, that is it for today’s get ready with me. I hope you all enjoyed. What’s your typical school routine? Let me know in the comments below along with any questions, comments, or requests you may have for me. I would like to give a special thank you to USmooth for providing me with the hair products talked about in today’s post. Check out their website here if you are interested in the products I used to create today’s look. Have a great day, friends! With love, McKenz.

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*Disclaimer- The hair products used in this post were given to me by USmooth. I am not being paid to talk about these products and as always all opinions are my own.*


Upgrade Your Outfit- Winter Edition

Hello, everyone! As almost of you know, fashion and styling are my favorite things to blog about and I love dressing for the colder months because there are so many different options, ways to layer, and fun pieces to work with so the outfit possibilities are endless. Today I’m going to be sharing a few ways on how you can spice up your everyday outfits and make the even more fabulous. Also, sorry for the indoor shots today, the weather was so crappy out so I had to make do with some pictures against my backdrop. Anyways, let’s get on into it!

sweater: TJ Maxx, necklace: Charming Charlies, watch: Kohls, jeans: Gap, socks: Kohls, booties: UGG

My first tip for you is to layer! Throw on a flannel over your basic graphic tee, pop a sweater over your flannel, or add a jacket to your favorite outfit. This is a simple way to add a variety of textures to your looks and bundle up for the chillier temperatures.

I can not stress enough how much socks change an outfit. Put on a pair that match your scarf or sweater and you instantly have an added something to your outfit.

turtle neck: Aeropostale, scarf: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, socks: Aeropostale, booties: Old Navy

Add accessories! Hats, scarfs, and purses effortlessly alter your outfit. I always throw one of these three on if I feel as though my outfit needs a little something extra or is lacking balance. Balance is key in styling the perfect outfit!

Lastly, add some jewelery. Necklaces and bracelets instantly draw attention to a specific area wich is why I love wearing jewelry. If I had my ears pierced I would totally go for some statement earrings or classic pearls to achieve a sophisticated look.

sweater: Old Navy, flannel: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, boots: DSW, purse: TJ Maxx, bracelets:
Alex and Ani, watch: Kohls

How do you add some extra pizzazz to your everyday outfits?! Let me know in the comments below along with any questions, comments, or requests you may have. I have been loving using these tips to spice up my outfits and hope you got some inspiration from this postnas well. Have a happy Saturday! With love, McKenz.

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