January Empties

Hey, friends! Recently I have been loving watching empties videos and reading empties posts. I find that seeing what people have used up recently and hearing their thoughts about those products is so intriguing for some odd reason. Please tell me I’m not the only one that finds pleasure in ‘trash’!? Anyways, here I am today sharing with you what I finished up this month. Enjoy!


As far as shampoo and conditioner go, I almost never use the same one twice. I am constantly changing up what I use and it takes me forever to finish hair products. I recently finished up a couple products from Suave and was super pleased with how soft my hair was after it had been washed and how replenished it felt. My only complaint for this product is I am not in love with the smell, otherwise I would give it five stars.

Product: Suave Sea Mineral Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner
Stars: 4.5/5
Repurchase: Yes


This Biore face wash is beaded and leaves your skin feeling super clean. It has a minty feeling to it and I found that although it didn’t necessarily getting rid of breakouts, it did a fairly good job at preventing them. This Cetaphil moisturizer is one of my favorites. It is very thick and not meant to be used before applying makeup. After the shower and before bed are my favorite times to use this product.

Product: Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
Stars: 5/5
Repurchase: Yes

Product: Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
Stars: 5/5
Repurchase: Yes


For makeup related products, this month I finished the Great Lash Mascara from Maybelline. I love the ‘Blackest Black’ formula of this product as I find it lengthens and volumes my lashes best. If you’ve ever been around to my blog before you would know that any day I wear eyeshadow I wear the Maybelline Color Tattoo in ‘Barely Branded’. This is my third one and I am obsessed. One pot typically lasts me a year or so, so considering I wear eyeshadow about five times a week for an average of 44 weeks out of the year, I use this product at least 220 times per pot. Seriously, best product ever if you’re looking to step your makeup game up to the next level!!! Micellar Water is the absolute best at removing makeup. Squirt the tiniest bit on a cotton round and you would be amazed that all your makeup comes off just like that.

Product: Maybelline Color Tattoo – ‘Barely Branded’
Stars: 5/5
Repurchase: Yes, already have!

Product: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Stars: 5/5
Repurchase: Yes, already have!

Product: Garnier Micellar Water
Stars: 5/5
Repurchase: Yes, already have!


Of course I couldn’t forget about the random products I seem to finish every few months. As many of you know, I am a cheerleader so the Got2B Glued hairspray is an essential hair product for me. It seriously holds anything. The typical nail polish remover; this one was so stubborn and made removing polishes a tedious task. As for shaving cream, whatever my mom buys I will use. Scent or brand doesn’t typically matter to me. And mouth wash; as you can tell Madison and I have been working on this bottle of Crest for quite some time now.

Product: Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray
Stars: 5/5
Repurchase: Yes- a must have for cheerleaders!

Product: Up and Up Nail Polish Remover
Stars: 1/5
Repurchase: No

Product: Skintimate Skin Therapy Shaving Cream
Stars: 5/5
Repurchase: Yes

Product: Crest Pro Health Mouth Wash
Stars: 4.5/5
Repurchase: Yes


Well that’s it for my January empties. Let me know what you finished this month or if you enjoyed this type of post in the comments below! I am open to all feedback so please leave any questions, comments, or requests you may have below. I appreciate you stopping by. Have a fabulous day! With love, McKenz.

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