Winter Clothing Haul

Hey, friends! With all of the after holiday deals and some Christmas money in my pocket, I could not help but hit up the mall and do a little shopping while I was in New York. Of course, I did not come home empty handed and I can’t say I’m disappointed about it. So today I am sharing my bargain hunting finds with you!

The first store I went to was Aeropostale. Yes, I know what you’re thinking but the whole store was 90% off due to them closing so I was able to find some really good deals on some surprisingly super cute pieces that I found.

I picked up the same turtle neck in three colors. Camel, grey, and maroon. And a simple black mock neck tee. All for $12. Crazy… I know.

Old Navy is always my place to find good deals. Let’s be real, when do I ever got there and leave empty handed. I always go for the clothes with the damaged tags because there at least an additional 50% off the clearance price and their only “damaged” because they were bought online. So yes, I did buy two perfectly good pairs of boyfriend jeans for a total of $12.

A light wash distressed pair and my first pair of dark wash ones. I’m in love.

I had a gift card from Target so these clearance booties ended up only costing me $5 out of my actual pocket. Sam&Libby never disappoints plus it was better than buying more lipstick that I already had three similar shades of.

IMG_3490.JPGLight grey = so cute.

From Forever 21, a few chokers that sadly were not on any sort of sale. It’s alright though, I have a vision for all of these bad boys.

A light denim one, a dark denim one, and a leather one.

IMG_3492.JPGLastly, the cutest purse ever that my aunt bought me while on vacation. She’s the best and this was on double clearance… SCORE!

Isn’t it so cute, I love the Western-ish look.

Well that’s a wrap for my Winter Haul. I have officially banned myself from shopping until Spring break. We’ll see how well that goes. I really want to get more into styling pieces and start doing more lookbooks because that is what I truly enjoy writing about. So, if you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave them below! Thank you so much for sticking around. With love, McKenz.

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29 thoughts on “Winter Clothing Haul

  1. I just can’t understand how I always like your style. Everytime you post a blogpost like this, I’m like ‘wow these clothes look so cute!’ Unbelievable, because I follow a lot of fashionbloggers and there are always a couple of clothes/outfits I don’t like. Great job and have a nice week – xx

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