What I Got For Christmas 2016

Yes, I am aware that this post is well over due by now but I have been soaking up every minute of my Winter break as possible and was busy enjoying all of my time in New York with my family. However, I love seeing what everyone got for Christmas so I figured this post was better late than never! For the last few years my sister and I always seem to be asking for clothes, shoes, makeup, anything of that sort because frankly I am not in the toy age anymore and these are the things I truly enjoy receiving. Before I begin I would like to say a few things. First off, Merry late Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year. Secondly, my family is very big with lots of aunts and uncles and I am very fortunate to have gotten such nice gifts from everyone. No, I am not trying to brag in any way, shape, or form.

From my parents I received lots of clothing, a few pairs of shoes and of course some stocking goodies from Santa. These things included little makeup sets, hair care products, Polaroid film, notebooks, little nick knacks like that.

A few sweaters from Old Navy and a flannel from Old Navy.

Some jeans from Gap, nobody in the fam is a fan of the light wash pair but I’m obsessed.

Some booties and the white Vans I have been eyeing for ages.

An Old Navy Vest and my beloved Kendra Scott necklace.

From both sets of grandparents I was given some shoes and clothes that I picked out around Black Friday. Old Navy always has the best deals around this time of year so I was able to get my bang for the buck.

Black over the knee boots from DSW; I’m in love. Some Sanuk shoes that everyone here wears (get kids for a much cheaper price!!). And these tan booties from Old Navy.

A green sweater and the cutest flannel ever.

From all the aunts and uncles… more clothes that I have been eyeing.

My favorite pair of shoes… ever. Blue velvet, it seriously doesn’t get better. Thank you Old Navy. And a few Old Navy tanks.

A couple Old Navy turtle necks and my beloved faux fur vest from Old Navy as well.

I am so thankful for my amazing parents and family! I can no wait to style all of my new pieces, reorganize my closet, and head back to school in style.

What was your favorite Christmas gift?! Let me know in the comments below along with any questions, comments, or requests you may have for me. Wishing you well this year and all the days after. Talk soon! With love, McKenz.

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22 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas 2016

  1. Merry Christmas! The over the knee boots are stunning, along with everything else you got. I love my new combat boots (can’t go wrong with them) and a few books that I’ve been wanting to read for ages!

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  2. Oh wow, so you’re parents (and other family) got you all those clothes? I really like them. My parents don’t give my clothes I didn’t pick out myself, haha. I think they are scared I will not like them 🙂 I especially love the blue velvet boots and the over the knee boots – xx

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