Gift Ideas for the Gals (under $50)

The holiday season is in full swing which for a lot of people means being stuck with no ideas on what to get their gals. I’m here to get rid of that uncertainty and  give you some ideas for all of your girl friends and sisters. I tried to keep all of the gift ideas under $30 to help keep you from breaking the bank (except for the Kendra Scott necklace that I couldn’t help but throw in!). IMG_2652.JPG

Swell water bottles have been everywhere lately and they are just too cute. With a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes you are sure to find now that is the perfect gift. Add a personalized monogram to it and you just gave such a practical gift while still showing some thought.

I’m pretty positive no girl would be disappointed with a little bit of makeup in their stocking. The Too Faced better Than Sex Mascara is a great gift, they come in so many cute holiday sets around this time of yer and are perfect to try before committing to the full size.

Socks used to be the gift I dreaded when I was younger but came to appreciate as I got older. Whether their a pair of fun, holiday fuzzy socks or thick knit boot socks they are such  treat to receive!

Every girl lust’s over jewelry. Pandora has some gorgeous rings and see are as cheap as $25 like the one I have pictured here! Kendra Scott necklaces are such a statement where I live and many girls wear them layered with chunkier necklaces. They are on the pricier side but would make such a great gift. (Perfect for the girls in your family!)

I hate buying books with my own money but love receiving them as a gift around the holidays. Find out your friends favorite author and treat them to a new book and some hot cocoa so they can hang by the fire! They are sure to love it.

Notebooks are another super cute idea. Wrap up a notebook, some pens, and some candy and you have a thoughtful gift just like that. Marble notebooks are all over Pinterest right now and fit so many girls aesthetics’.

Old Navy has some of my favorite booties because they’re affordable and comfortable. Sure they might be around $45 to begin with but Old Navy is constantly running flash sales or handing out Old Navy Cash so you are sure to find a good deal on them. Plus, what girl doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?!

Scarves, hats, and gloves are always fun little gifts too. They’re perfect for your trendy friend that loves layering up or lives in a colder climate! Old Navy and Target have great ones around this time of year.

There are so many other small gifts I could think of to give to your girls but I’ll leave you with these for now. I hope you all got a few ideas from this post and enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day and a very happy holidays. If you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave them below! With love, McKenz.


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