Catching Up On Tags + 10 More WordPress Followers to Follow NOW!

Hey ladies I was tagged to do the 20 Questions Tag by sophiemaie and the 20 Things That Make Me Happy Tag by mergingthreads. I figured what better way to kick off the month of December by answering some questions, telling you what makes me happy, and sharing ten more WordPress bloggers with you all?! I also want to wish you all a happy December! I am not participating in Blogmas this year but will be posting five times a week. If you all have any holiday post requests please leave them below along with any questions or comments. I hope you all enjoy this post and have a fabulous Friday. Sending you all my love. With love, McKenz.

Starting with the Twenty Questions Tag…

  1. Things you cannot live without? My computer, clothes, and my family.
  2. Favorite makeup brand? As far as high-end goes, I love Urban Decay for any eye products. From the drugstore I prefer Maybelline. I adore their face products and lippies.
  3. Favorite flowers? Sunflowers, how can you look at them and not be instantly happy?!
  4. Favorite clothing stores? Old Navy by far, Gap, Forever 21, and Nordstrom Rack.
  5. Favorite Perfume? Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath&Body Works.
  6. Heels or flats? Shoes with heels make me feel so good about myself, so def heels. However, flats are far more comfortable.
  7. Do you get good grades? Yes, I am a fairly good student and always make Honor Roll.
  8. Favorite color? Yellow is my favorite color but if I had to pick my favorite color to wear it would totally be white or a shade of green.
  9. Do you drink energy drinks? Nope.
  10. Do you drink juice? Not usually but I do like it.
  11. Do you like swimming? I’m not very good at it but I do love swimming. I love lakes best.
  12. Do you eat chips with a fork? Of course not.
  13. What’s your favorite moisturizer? Cetaphil has my favorite moisturizer, it’s super thick which I love.
  14. Do you want to be married in the future? Yes, I would love to be married and have a big family one day.
  15. Do you get mad easily? Not necessarily, more so irritated.
  16. Are you into ghost hunting? Absolutely not. I do not like anything scary either.
  17. Any phobias? I don’t have any phobias, but flying over water scares me. I do it anyways though.
  18. Do you bite your nails? Yes, when I’m super nervous. This habit bothers me so much which is why I love having my nails painted to keep me from biting.
  19. Have you ever had a near death experience? Nope.
  20. Do you drink coffee? On the occasion, but it’s not an everyday thing for me.

Now for the twenty things that make me happy; these are just a few (,:

  1. Spending time doodling in my Bible and chatting with Jesus every night.
  2.  Wearing heels. It makes me feel so elegant.
  3. Friday night football games in my small hicktown.
  4. The little things.
  5. Checking something off a list; it makes me feel so accomplished.
  6. Wearing a new outfit.
  7. Sundays!!! They are the best days to collect your thoughts and get work done.
  8. Boys that hold the door open for you. (the way it should be)
  9. Blogging and all the internet friends I’ve made from it.
  10. A freshly made bed.
  11. Long walks around the neighborhood with Celia.
  12. Pictures that have been developed.
  13. People that play the piano.
  14. Flying at night.
  15. Anything sentimental, letters are some of my favorites!
  16. When the blinds to my bedroom are open!
  17. Mumford and Suns, Jack Johnson, and Hozier
  18. Doing something on the weekends.
  19. Reading before bed.
  20. The overwhelming amount of love I feel when logging onto styledbymckenz.

And lastly, ten WordPress bloggers you need to be following! Ladies, feel free to answer the Twenty Questions above and she twenty things that make you happy.

  1. Mergingthreads
  2. Marioness
  3. Fashion With a V
  4. CharitySantibanez
  5. lovejennyxo
  6. Azra
  7. Andshewentonandon
  8. Aoifelr
  9. maceyalexandra
  10. kimberlyhseih

12 thoughts on “Catching Up On Tags + 10 More WordPress Followers to Follow NOW!

  1. Boys that hold the door open for you ! Yes girl that’s the only way it should be, but unfortunately very rare to find. Thank you for including my blog and I’ll do this post as well, it’s super fun to read. 🙂

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