Celeb Style Inspo

I have recently found myself constantly pinning celebrity  styles on Pinterest and have been so inspired by the never-ending street style looks. With New York Fashion Week being only few months behind us and all the holiday’s coming up, my celebrity style pictures have been flooding my timelines. I thought, what better thing to do than share some of my favorite celebrities styles. Hopefully this gives you all a bit of inspiration!

Hailey Baldwin is a 20 year old American model. She wears the most amazing clothes, sticking to very loose pieces that look simple and easy. She almost always has a heeled shoes on and looks incredible in almost every style. I loved the way she paired this skirt and the long jacket she wears on the right. Her outfits are more realistic to create and no near as expensive as some other celebrities.

I am almost certain that everyone knows who the Jenners are. Although I do not comprehend how or why they are so famous, I can not argue that they have an amazing sense of style. I picked these outfits because if you know me, you know I absolutely am obsessed with overalls, this is an outfit I could definitely see myself recreating. The outfits in the middle are simple and could be worn every day. I simply adore the outfit Kendall styled on the right. It’s so simple and classic yet trendy at the same time.

Zendya is another celeb that is always feeding me inspiration. She wears the most amazing pieces. They are daring yet she pulls them off in the most unexplainable ways. On the left I picked a simple outfit that most people own similar pieces to, and on the right a trend I have been wanting to try out. Silk, and dresses with sneakers are two fashion statements that are worth playing around with.

Well that is it for today’s fashion inspiration. What celebs are your personal favorites?! Do you like any of the ones I chose?! I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving. If you have any comments or requests please leave them below. Have a fabulous day ladies. With love, McKenz.

Disclaimer: All photos are from Pinterest and are not mine.

22 thoughts on “Celeb Style Inspo

  1. I did a post about hailey baldwins style and chose the same trench coat and brown over the knee boots outfit too!!! It’s honestly such a nice outfit, I wish I dressed like her everyday 😍😭

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