Recreating Pinterest Outfits

I know for a fact I’m not the only gal that is constantly pinning outfits, shoes, and their dream life on Pinterest before they go to bed each night. A few months back I did a post where I recreated a few of my recent pins from Pinterest and you all really seemed to like it. I chose a few outfits from my various boards and decided to style them to really challenge myself to look through my closet and actually put some of the pictures to the test.

The first outfit was super casual and chunky. It’s something I would easily reach for during the weekend when I’m looking to just lounge around for the day but want to get out of my pajamas. I threw on a knit sweater from forever 21, tossed over my denim jacket from Kohls, and put on a pair of leggings from Target. I’m sure almost everyone has some sort of Converse, I just so happened to have black high tops as well.

I have been timid when thinking pattern mixing and have been dying to style my cheetah flats with a bandana which has left me constantly pinning outfit inspoΒ for similar looks. This outfit happened to feature all the things I was looking for and I was ableΒ to style it almost identically. I wore my denim jacket from TJ Maxx over a striped tee from American Eagle. My black jeans are distressed so I opted for a classic dark wash instead. I thrifted these cheetah flats a while back and they are actually from Target as well as my black purse.

I love the preppy style especially during the colder months for all the layering purposes. I happened to have extremely similar pieces to the girl on the right so I decided to give it a go. My window pane flannel is last Winter’s from Old Navy as well as my red scarf. My medium wash jeans are from Hollister and my watch is from Kohls. I wanted to keep my socks white to match rather than the blue to pair with my bean boots from DSW.

Well that is it for today’s outfit recreations. I really hope you all enjoyed and if you have any outfits you would like me to recreate, feel free to message me them on Instagram. I would be happy to do a similar post styling them. Thank you all so much for reading; I hope this inspired you to look through your Pinterest boards and get your creative juices flowing the next time you find yourself standing in front of your closet. Have a fabulous day. With love, McKenz.

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