Styling Riding Boots: A Collab With quirksandskirts

Good morning ladies, I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far. With the holiday season right around the corner and chillier temperatures  quickly coming, my friend Melany from bequirkystaylovely (formerly known as quirksandskirts) and I thought what better way to kick off November than with styling our favorite boots! This collab will feature three outfit ideas featuring riding boots from myself, styledbymckenz and three outfit ideas featuring booties from Melany, quirksandskirts. Be sure to check out her half of the collab; her style is seriously the cutest and she is so sweet! ( ps she’s also a WordPress gal!) She’s also super faithful which we both have in common, so we will both be sharing a Bible verse we’ve been loving at the end!

Outfit Idea #1- jacket and a sweater
Off whitened olive-green are the perfect pairing for this time of year! They look so cozy together. When looking to add an extra layer I always pop on my army jacket and add a pair of leg warmers to match my sweater. This makes for a super warm and stylish ensemble.

jacket: TJ Maxx, sweater: Forever 21, jeans: Hollister, riding boots: Target, leg warmers: Kohls, bracelets: Alex and Ani

Outfit Idea #2- with a dress
Riding boots look great with dresses too! I paired my favorite tank-dress with a  fluffy white cardigan. My brown boots made my dress look a bit longer and gave my legs the least amount of exposure as possible which is perfect for the chillier months.

cardigan: Hollister, dress: Forever 21, leg warmers: Kohls, riding boots: Target, watch: Kohls, braceltes: Alex and Ani, Boho Betty

Outfit Idea #3- with a flannel
My last and probably most worn outfit with riding boots is definitely a flannel and sweater combo.  I love the layering and think it looks so cute and chic. Plus the possibilities are endless for this type of combo coming from my closet. Throw on some boot toppers and you’re good to go!

sweater: Old Navy, flannel: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, boot toppers: Kohls, riding boots: Target, watch: JORD, sunglasses: Warby Parker, bracelet: Boho Betty

Melany is sharing three ways to style booties!

Recently I have been continuously reading is Psalm 119. It is fairly long, a few pages to be exact, but has the best verses that share input on trusting our God and remembering that everything we do is for Him and on his path. 119:64 says “The earth is full of your love, lord” and indeed it is!

I hope you all enjoyed those looks! Feel free to recreate any of them, I would love to see pictures. Be sure to check out Melany’s blog post and her blog here, as well as her Instagram. She is the nicest girl and I promise you will all love her. Give her blog a follow, and tell her I sent you! Have a great day, friends. With love, McKenz.

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