Day In My Life- Pumpkin Patch Style

Madison and I have been begging our mom to let us go pick pumpkins for weeks now. With no school today and Grammy in town, the odds of us heading to the pumpkin patch today were pretty high. If you know anything about me, you would know that I love to actually get up and do something rather than sit around the house and procrastinate. So, this morning after we woke up and got all dolled up for our little adventure.

I knew I wanted to wear my Bean boots so I quickly was able to put together something by working off of them. I figured a funnel, scar, and matching socks was the perfect way to go for our outing.

Outfit Details- flannel: Old Navy, scarf: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, boots: DSW, socks: Kohls, purse: Long Champ size Large in ‘Navy’

Madison wasn’t too sure what to wear so I let her grab a few things from my closet to pair together. Her scarf is from Old Navy, jeans and sweater are both from Hollister, my Hunters are in the color ‘Hunter Green’ and the socks are form Hunter as well.

My gorgeous mom who’s always behind the camera for me these days let me snap a few shots of her today. Her vest is from Gap and her sweater is from TJ Maxx. Isn’t she cute?!

After our time spent pumpkin picking we headed out to get some lunch and then to TJ Maxx and Home Goods for a little bit of post picking shopping. I found the cutest new shoes and a cozy new cape that will hopefully be styled very soon up here on styledbymckenz.

Well, that’s it for today’s post. I hope you all enjoyed this little day in my life. I would love to get some feedback on this post as to whether or not you all liked this post so I know whether or not to do more of them! Fall is the cutest time of year and I am so happy to be sharing it with you guys! Have a fabulous rest of the week. With love, McKenz.


21 thoughts on “Day In My Life- Pumpkin Patch Style

  1. Woo hoo you girls look fantastic!! So fun to see your Mom on here and Grammy too!! Enjoy your time together. Wish I could have joined you!! Love ya!!

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  2. I love your outfit!! I maybe have a really really weird question, but do you actually eat pumpkins? We never do that in the Netherlands. ‘Pumpkins’ is not like a really big thing overhere.


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