Back To School Clothing Haul (try on)

I love shopping and I love back to school so I figured, why not haul all my Back To School clothes?! Last weekend Madison, my mom, and I went down to the mall and shopped for a few hours. Boy oh boy did I score big time! I have tried on all of the pieces I bought and listed where I purchased them and the size they are in. I am 5’2 if that helps for sizing references! Please keep in mind that none of these clothes were sent to me and i save up almost all year for this shopping trip, as it is my favorite time to buy new clothes.

Old Navy XS, Old Navy XS

Forever 21 Medium, Forever 21 Small

TJ Maxx XS, TJ Maxx XS 

TJ Maxx Small, TJ Maxx Small

TJ Maxx XS, American Eagle XS

TJ Maxx XS, TJ Maxx XS

Old Navy Small, Hunter&Honey Medium, Kohls 0

Forever 21, Palm Beach Sandals, Target

Soooo what did you all think?! I really didn’t need any new clothes but like I mentioned before I had saved up for some cute things and had many gift cards. I know there are no pants featured in this haul and that’s because I honestly didn’t need any, all of them fit from last year. My favorite places to get jeans are Gap and Hollister. Def check them out if you are looking for some cute new pairs. As you can tell I scored big time at TJ Maxx too, I love that store and always find something super trendy and affordable. I really tried to expand my color palette and I’d say I did fairly well, except for all the white tops, those are my weakness. Lastly, never buy anything full price! Everything goes on sale or clearance eventually. Save yourself the cash!!! And remember to look everywhere and keep an open mind; sometimes the best things are hidden and the cutest outfits start out bland!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this Back To School clothing haul, I have only one more Back To School post left so stay tuned and make sure to check out the posts from the rest of the series. Thank you all so much for reading I hope you have a great day. With love, McKenz.

Back To School Series- Back To School Outfit Ideas, Back To School Essentials + Freshaman Advice, What’s In My Backpack

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12 thoughts on “Back To School Clothing Haul (try on)

  1. Ahhhh I’m in love with that blue off the shoulder blouse! It looks so flowy and comfortable 😀 All the clothes in this were so cute!

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  2. I love all of your clothes! We have a very similar style! As a way to thank you for following my blog, I would love to mention my fav things about Styled By Mckenz in my beauty Q and A, so feel free to ask a question on the corresponding post! Thanks and have a great morning! xoxo

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