YouTube Video: Full Face + Simple Eyes Makeup Tutorial

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Good morning everyone! Today I filmed another YouTube video. I have decided to upload every other Monday and am in desperate need for video ideas (I’m trying to keep this channel strictly about makeup!) if you have any, please leave them below! Today I am sharing with you a full face of makeup and super simple eyes for an all around flawless look. This makeup look is perfect for people that don’t like heavy eye makeup. Also, you could swap out the nude lip for something bold to draw more attention to the lips; feel free to alter this look or copy it if you would like to! I have had so much fun filming for you all and really hope you guys enjoy this video. Please keep in mind that I am still very new to this and tend to ramble on because I am not used to talking to a camera lol.

Go check it out:

Thank you all so much for the love and support, I appreciate it so much! i hope you all have the best day! With love, McKenz.

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