Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #33

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been getting so many new followers lately so I wanted to re-explain what a Weekly Wrap Up is. basically, every Sunday I sit down and write about what I did that week, share a picture of what I wore each day, and a picture of what I found happiness in. Anyways, another week of Summer has passed by which means only two weeks left till I go back to school. Cheer officially started this week which means almost three hours of practice a day and being an outfit repeater 5/7 days a week, hence the reason the outfit pictures this week were kept to a minimum. Also this week I started a YouTube which was a huge milestone for me so make sure to click here, to check it out if you missed Monday’s post. I hope you all have had the best week! Make sure to check out this week’s posts I Made A YouTube, 5 Ways To Style Denim Shorts, How Would You Describe Your Style, Drugstore VS High-end Eye Makeup. Thank you all so so so much for your constant love and support, it means the absolute world to me. Stay tuned for some back to school posts coming soon and possibly another YouTube makeup tutorial if you all are interested!! Thank ya for stopping by. With love, McKenz.

8/8/16- Starting the week off with a full five hours of cheer camp. I never realized how much I missed practice and my teammates until today. We had so much fun trying new skills and perfecting old ones.I also uploaded my first YouTube video ever which was seriously SO exciting for me!

Outfit Details- shirt: Spiritwear, shorts: Under Armour, shoes: Nfinity

8/9/16- Our second/last day of camp was another success. Our team was able to grow so much closer and we tried so many cool stunts. After our long day I headed over to Nicoles house along with a bunch of friends to hang one last time before sport’s get into full swing.

Outfit Details- shirt: H&M, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Target

8/10/16- Our first day of practice outside was definitely a hot one! We worked so hard. Afterwards I headed home and was able to knock out a bunch of One Tree Hill episodes. I can’t get over that show, it’s the best!!

Outfit Details- shirt: Spiritwear, shorts: Under Armour, shoes: Nfinity

8/11/16- Spending the day with Celia and soaking up as many minutes as possible before she get’s back into the swing of things. After practice I cam home and was able to catch up with Gb for a few hours which was much-needed.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter&Honey, shorts: Nike, shoes: Nike

8/12/16- After practice being cut short, Madison and I went home, showered, and then spent the night bonding with our teammates at the cheer sleepover. It was so much fun.

Outfit Details- shirt: Hunter&Honey, shorts: Nike, shoes: Nike

8/13/16- Spending the day working on blog stuff and school supply shopping as well as picking out some clothes from TJ Maxx. They always have the best things! Afterwards our family went out to dinner and then home for some One Tree Hill and ice cream.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, shorts: American Eagle, shoes: Target, watch: Target

8/14/16- Wooo today was the best day. My mom, Madison, and I woke up early and headed right to the mall for some back to school shopping. I had been saving up for today and did some major damage which will be up in a Back To School Clothing Haul very soon!

Outfit Details shirt: Aeropostale, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Pierre Dumas, purse: Longchamp, watch: Target


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