TBH What We Actually Wear

Yes, the truth is I love to dress up. I love to wake up every morning and put on makeup, lace up my sandals, and put on a cute outfit. But reality is, that’s not ALWAYS me. My friends and I adventure, sometimes that requires a t-shirt ans sneakers. My friends ad I play sports, sometimes that requires a sports bra and running shorts. My friends and I go out, sometimes that requires a fancy top, and heels. Sometimes my friends and I hang around the house, and that requires jeans and a tee. My point is, I’m not always put together with my hair done up, and my eyelashes coated in mascara. Β And that’s okay. I’m a teenager and in the midst of a normal high school life. Here are some pictures of my friends and I in our day to day life, among many different occasions. So, to be honest; this is me. Styledbymckenz is me in its entirety. This is my life and I can not thank you enough for joining me on this journey. With a whole lot of love, McKenz.

8 thoughts on “TBH What We Actually Wear

  1. beautiful pictures! style is what you wear everyday πŸ™‚ it’s not the occasional going out look – it’s a way of life πŸ˜‰
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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