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What’s In My Carry On?

Hi friends, happy Friday! Today I am doing the last of my travel videos for now! If you missed “Travel Tips + Where I Will Be” or “5 Airport Outfit Ideas” go check them out. 🙂 Today I wanted to share with you guys what I keep in my carry on, so let’s get started.

I don’t keep an actual suitcase as my carry on, I tend to just bring a tote. For this trip I’m going to be using my large navy Long Champ. It fits everything I need, is super cute, and I can easily use it as a purse once I get to Wisconsin!

I always bring a sweatshirt in my bag if I’m not already wearing one, this super cute yellow one was a hand me down from one of my cousins! For headphones and a phone charger I usually keep them in a separate little makeup bag to keep them from getting tangled. I always carry a water before hand, obviously you have to throw it out before going through security. Along with that I like to bring a snack and gum. I try to stray away from food that’s messy, trail mix is my fav for plane rides!! If I don’t bring a book it’s usually because I just downloaded one on my phone. I’m saving room for this trip and am downloading “Just Friends” by Billy Taylor. I’ll let you know if I like it or not. I also keep my sunglasses and any eyeshadow palette that I’m bringing just because I don’t trust leaving it in my suitcase where it’ll most likely get broken. Lastly I keep my wallet and Bible! I prefer to keep my Bible with me so I can access it while in the car and so it doesn’t weigh down my suitcase.

Well that’s it for today’s blog post. I hope you all enjoyed, don’t forget to check out my most recent posts if you missed them! Thank you for stoping by, sending all my happiness your way. With love, McKenz

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