Travel Tips/Where I Will Be

Hello friends and happy Monday! Today I’m going to be starting the first of a few travel videos. With summer in full swing now, I figured I wasn’t the only one taking a vacation soon. Today I’m going to be sharing with you a few travel tips and showing you a little bit of my packing. Stay tuned for “5 Airport Outfits” and a “What’s in my carry-on?” coming soon!! Also, starting Thursday all blog post for the next two weeks will be prewritten and scheduled to go up. I will be visiting family in Wisconsin. So, if I’m not responding to comments super quickly or Weekly Wrap Ups don’t make it up on time: don’t be alarmed! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it, travel safe lovelies! Now let’s get on into it.DSC_5984.JPG

1.) Roll your clothes.  I’m someone that prefers to fold because it takes less time but when I’m taking long trips I always always always roll my clothes! It saves so much space and keep your clothes from wrinkling.

2.) Tape your lids.  If your toiletries are constantly spilling and making a mess in your suitcase, tape the lid shut to keep it from exploding.

3.) Keep your makeup in a Ziploc. I’ve never been one to reach for Q make up bag when traveling because a) my makeup never fits in one, b) I can never find anything and c) they get so dirty! I always opt towards a Ziploc bag because they are spaceish, clear, and when they get all grubby you can throw it away.

4.) Pack makeup in your carry-on. If you are worried about your favorite Naked palette cracking, just throw it in your totebag. You control where it goes and can always check up on it if you are worried it broke. No point in risking your $50 baby, lol.

5.) Stuff your shoes with socks. If your shoes are taking up space, you might as well fill them with socks. This helps keep the shoes shape too!

6.) Wear your bulkiest clothes on the plane. Dress appropriately! Better to pack a sweater just in case plus you’ll be wearing one of your bulkiest items. (I would hope this is it since it’s summer vacation lol) I also tend to wear comfy shoes that are too much for my suitcase.

7.) Make a list. I use this packing list notebook from Anthropoligie whenever I go on vacation but even a plain piece of paper will work. I highly suggest writing down what you need to pack to ensure you don’t forget anything!

Always remember to pack what is necessary but to leave room in case you find something while out shopping! Have fun and take pictures. Vacation is supposed to be stress-free so relax and be thankful for the time you have!!!

That is it for today’s post, I hope you all enjoyed! Don’t forget to read my previous post if you miss them and stay tuned for lots of new content. Stay safe my friends, thank you for everything! With love, McKenz.

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