Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #21

Hello friends, and happy Sunday! It’s been a crazy busy week full of testing and friends. I can’t believe how fast the last few weeks of the school year seem to fly by. With such a chaotic time, I have been turning towards Romans 8:18. If you read the Bible, I definitely recommend checking out that verse! I want to thank you all so much for helping me reach 525 followers on Instagram and almost 200 here on StyledByMcKenz!! It’s crazy to see how far I’ve come in 21 weeks and I am so happy that I have all of you along for the ride. if you missed this weeks posts: I Did Prom Makeup?!, click here; Hot Or Not: Boot Cut Jeans, click here. I hope you all have the best week ahead, with my birthday right around the corner I’m sure tons will be going on this week so stay tuned for a packed week of blog posts! Thanks for reading; with love, McKenz.

5.16.16- After what seemed like the longest Monday ever and lots of studying for finals, Madison and I met up with Celia for a walk to catch up on life. I would give anything to be back together everyday.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, necklace: Forever 21, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Pierre Dumas

5.17.16- Started reading “The Moon and More” while watching the sun set. I’m absolutely in love with it. Sarah Dessen writes the best summer fling novels that are so hard to put down.

Outfit Details- vest: Target, sweater: Old Navy, necklace: Forever 21, jeans: Hollister, shoes: TJ Maxx, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlies

5.18.16- Wouldn’t be a normal day if I didn’t eat lunch with Jeanie, Heather, and Colleen. So thankful for all of our friendships and the bond we’ve created.

Outfit Details-  shirt: East Caroline University, leggings: Target, shoes: Nike

5.19.16- We started playing tennis in gym today but of course the cheerleader in me had to come out. Gosh, it’s the littlest things I find happiness in.

Outfit Details- shirt: Gap, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Bass&Co, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlies

5.20.16- Met up with all my girlfriends to cheer on our schools baseball team. So happy that our boys are headed straight to states! Spent the evening with GB, Celia, and Jeanie which isn’t surprising but it’s being in one another’s presence that makes us happiest.

Outfit Details- dress: Forever 21, bralette: American Eagle, shoes: Old Navy, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlies

5.21.16- Spending the day with Brittany, Kate, and Jeanie and playing the piano. Picked up Celia and went walking and then spent the night with my girls chatting and catching up with one another.

Outfit Details- shirt: Vineyard Vines, leggings: Gap Fit, shoes: Chacos

5.22.16- Wishing the best to Jenna and LA in their years to come in college, so glad we were able to all celebrate at their party together. Mason has also asked for his socks to be featured on the blog. Their his favorite pair.

Outfit Details- coming soon in tomorrow’s blog post!!! dress: Old Navy, shoes: Pierre Dumas, bralette: American Eagle, necklace: Forever 21

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