Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #18

Happy Sunday friends! I am so excited to be here writing my EIGHTEENTH Weekly Wrap Up. I can not even believe that it is already May, meaning I have been blogging for four months now. Ahh so crazy. I’ve been accumulating lots of new readers lately so if you’re new here, Weekly Wrap Ups are where I round up seven outfits and seven things that made me happy throughout the week. You can read more in depth on it if you click here. This week was jammed pack full of lacrosse games and catching up with all my friends from so many different friend groups. If you missed this week’s blog posts:  Closet Confidential Tag- click here,  Three Ways to Style Lace Up Flats Spring Edition- click here. As I mention below, this week I was really touched by 1 Corinthians 13, other than that this week I really only focused on Proverbs 14 which I definitely recommend reading if you’re in search for wisdom in the Bible.  Anyways, wishing you the best in the week ahead. With love, McKenz.

4.25.16- Hanging with my girls at the lacrosse game which we won. I love these glasses that Lauren let me borrow!! Spending the night with Jeanie and watching “My Fake Fiancé” since we have no school tomorrow.

Outfit Details- dress: TJ Maxx, sandals: Bass&Co, watch: Kate Spade, necklace: Forever 21

4.26.16- No school today which calls for waffle breakfasts and laying around all day. So happy to break out my Sanuk sandals today, they’re my favorite walking shoes.

Outfit Details- a big tshirt and Nike Pro shorts

4.27.16- Went to the lacrosse games with Colleen and Jeanie tonight. I love nights like this where I’m surrounded by people I love and cheering on some of my best friends that are on the field.

Outfit Details- shirt: Old Navy, bralette: American Eagle, jeans: Gap, shoes: TJ Maxx, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlie’s

4.28.16- So in love with this cold shoulder top that Jeanie let me borrow. Today I read the most amazing verses from 1 Corinthians 13. It was so good and if you read the Bible, I highly suggest it.

Outfit Details- top: Forever 21, bralette: American Eagle, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Amazon, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlie’s

4.29.16- Chilling at another lacrosse game tonight, what a surprise!! Unfortunately we didn’t win tonight but it’s okay because my boot cut jeans made me smile all day.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, jeans: Hollister, flip flops: Rainbows, bracelets: Alex and Ani

4.30.16- Real friendship goals is that Jeanie and I showed up in the same outfit accidentally. We got Chick-Fil-A milkshakes, played basketball with the boys for a little bit, and worked on some blog posts.

Outfit Details- shirt: American Eagle, bralette: American Eagle, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Amazon, necklace: Forever 21

5.1.16- Happy May first!!! spending the day babysitting for my two munchkins and watching Fuller House. So excited to see what this month has in store.  🙂

Outfit Details- leggings: Gap Fit, sneakers: Nike, sweatshirt: mom’s closet lol

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