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Denim and White- A Lookbook (with the girls)

Words can not express my gratitude toward these girls. For as long as I can remember they’ve continuously provided me with love and support that never fails to leave me smiling. I hope one day that you find people that see the world in you the way these two look at me. And if and when you do, I hope you never let them go. If I could lock our friendship in place so that it could never be taken away, I would. When we’re together we don’t have a quiet button. We’re loud and crazy at heart. We make our own fun wherever we go and if you’re on the outside looking in we share a wild kind of love. Far from picture perfect. Today we put on our smiles and strove to look it.

I was really opting toward a white, denim, and gold color palette. The weather here on the East Coast is still rather bipolar so I wanted something that would be perfect for a brisk Spring day. It ended up working perfectly and we all looked unified without looking like we were having “Twin Day” for second grade spirit week. Here’s what we wore and where everything is from-

McKenzie: shirt- H&M, jeans- Hollister, shoes- Pierre Dumas, bracelets- Alex and Ani

Jeanie: shirt- Forever 21, bralette- Aerie, jeans- American Eagle, shoes- Pierre Dumas, watch- Target, necklace- Target

Celia: shirt- Target, jeans- Target, shoes- TJ Maxx


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