Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #11

Happy happy happy Sunday everybody!!! I am so excited to be here talking with you all today. Please don’t mind the mirror pictures for this weeks outfit of the day pictures, it was an incredibly busy week after starting Theater. It was beautiful outside this whole week so I took every opportunity I could to get outside and hang with my friends. To everyone in my life right now, thank you, for making me happier than I ever have been before. I felt adventurous and productive and giddy and loved this week. I can not even begin to explain how good life is if you just simply open up your eyes. Thank you so much to every single one of you reading this, you rock my world. With lots of love, McKenz.

3.7.16- Starting off the week with a full heart and so many smiles. Today was one of the first warm days of the year so i broke out my converse and started wearing my some of my favorite dresses. So happy to have friends like Colleen and Celia to walk with after school.

Outfit Details- tshirt dress: Target, shoes: black high top Converse, boot toppers: Francescas, watch: Target, necklace: Charming Charlies

3.8.16- I was so excited to break out the Birkenstocks today. We had another seventy degree day which was so exciting. Today I am happy for GB who showed me such an eyeopening bible verse. Proverbs 8:18 “Be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts.

Outfit Details- tshirt: American Eagle, necklace: Forever 21, Girlfriend jeans: Gap, shoes: Target, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Charming Charlies, and DSW

3.9.16- Today was my first day at Drama Club. I started working backstage and helping build and paint sets and come time of the actual show, “Into The Woods” I will be transferred over to the hair and makeup department. I wore one of my favorite dresses and took a few pics with Emma at lunch.

Outfit Details- cardigan: Target, dress: Forever 21, necklace: Forever 21, sandals: Bass&Co, watch: Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Charming Charlies, and DSW

3.10.16-  Today Jeanie and I started eating in the schools courtyard during lunch time. The weather was so nice and it was a lot of fun eating with our upperclassman friends. I decided to walk home from school after theater with Colleen and it was so much fun to catch up.

Outfit Details-  tank top: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Amazon (Pierre Dumas), watch: Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani

3.11.16- Due to Jacki’s birthday on Saturday, the girls and I went out and walked around town after going out to dinner together. Check out all of our outfits and my hair and makeup details here.

Outfit Details- tank top: Old Navy, necklaces: Charming Charlies and Forever 21, jeans: Hollister, wedges: Amazon, purse: Old Navy, watch: Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani

3.12.16- Today was one of the best days I’ve ever had. Jeanie, Madison, GB, Colby, Cedric, Dustin, and I hiked up Sugarloaf Mountain. We took a bunch of pictures on Garretts GoPro while jamming out to “Sunday Candy”. After we went and played basketball in the neighborhood park. We came back home and hung out in the basement for the rest of the night.

Outfit Details- long sleeve: Vineyard Vines, workout leggings: Under Armour, sneakers: Merell

3.13.16- Jeanie slept over after the best night yesterday. We woke up early and went to church at eleven where we read all about forgiveness which really had me thinking. After church we all went out to lunch together and than came home to catch up on some Gossip Girl.


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Get Ready With Me: GNO (hair, makeup, and outfits)

Hello friends! Yesterday I went out with a bunch of girls to celebrate my friend Jacki’s fifteenth birthday! We went out to dinner, walked around and sung “Sunday Candy” by Chance The Rapper non stop. Unfortunately, catchy songs are the ones that never seem to leave your head. Anyways, I was planning on getting this post up last night but ended up getting in late and didn’t have the energy to type it up. (oops, sorry guys) Regardless, today I will be doing a Get Ready With Me for a Girls Night Out. I’ve included my hair, makeup, outfit, as well as the outfit details for all the other girls that were with me. I really hope you guys enjoy this post, if you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave them below. If you missed my last post click here. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! With love, McKenz.



To start off my makeup I primed my face using the ELF Mineral Face Primer. I than applied the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation all over my face with a wet beauty blender. After I set my face with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I than applied a bit of Vaseline to my eyebrows to keep them in place all night. I used the an angled brush and the color “Crave” from my Naked Basics Two palette to shape and fill in my eyebrows. I decided to do my eyebrows before applying eyeshadow today to keep the definition of my look controlled. I applied the Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my eye lids and than the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded all over my eyelids. I was going for more of a smoked out look so I used my Naked Two Platte as follows: inner third- Booty Call, crease- Tease, outer V- Busted, middle of lid- Chooper and Half Baked. I than highlighted my brow bone and inner corner with the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow in Milk. After this I layered on my three favorite mascaras; Too Faced Better Than Sex, Maybelline Great Lash, and, Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes. After this I went in and applied the Garnier Under Eye Concealer to cover up my dark circles and set it with the banana powder that comes with the Anastasia Contour Kit. I than highlighted and contoured using my Anastasia Contour Kit. Lastly, I applied my Buxom Lip Pencil and my NYX Hypershine Lipgloss over top.



I’m someone that almost always has their hair either straightened or curled. Tonight my super thin hair actually looked somewhat voluminous so I decided to leave it natural. As someone with super dry hair I usually don’t wash my hair everyday, however, this hair was washed an hour before this picture was taken. I used the Herbal Essences Hydralicious Shampoo and the Suave Professionals Keratin Conditioner. Btw here’s a closer look at my eyeshadow for the night!



It was fairly nice weather out tonight so I was able to go out in open toed shoes and a tank top without any problem. I wanted to were wedges and considering these are my most comfortable pair I planned my outfit around them. Outfit Details: tank top- Old Navy, jeans- Hollister, wedges- Amazon, watch- Kate Spade, purse- Old Navy, necklaces- Charming Charlie and Forever 21, bracelets- Alex and Ani.

Outfit Details from the group: (LEFT TO RIGHT)

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Emma- shirt: Gap, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Jack Rogers, cross body: Target

Jacki (Birthday Girl)- shirt: South Moon Under, earrings: South Moon Under, jeans: American Eagle, Bralette: Urban Outfiters, wedges: unkown

Olivia- shirt: Kohls, necklace: Kate Spade, jeans: American Eagle, shoes: Birkenstocks, bracelet: Fit Bit

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Lauren- shoes: Kohls, shirt: Forever 21, pants: Target, purse: Forever 21

Jeanie- shoes: white high top Converse, purse: Long Champ, watch: Kohls, shorts: Target, necklace: Forever 21, shirt: Forever 21

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Brittany- shirt: Abercrombie&Fitch, jeans: Hollister, shoes: white high top ConverseFullSizeRender (4).jpg

Madison- shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, shoes: white high top Converse, watch: Fossil, bracelets: Alex and Ani, rings: Tiffany and Pandora, purse: Kohls


Sasha- tank top: TJ Maxx, jeans: Hollister, jacket: TJ Maxx, shoes: Jack Rogers, watch: Michael Kors, bracelets: Alex and Ani, necklace: Kendra Scott, purse: long Champ




Winter Fashion Favorites

Happy Wednesday everybody. With the Spring weather right around the corner I figured now would be a perfect time to share with you my winter fashion favorites. The temperatures here on the East Coast have been reaching 75 degrees for the last few days which means it’s time to break out the sandals and pack up the boots. I hope you guys have enjoyed my last few blog posts. If you missed them click here and here. Wishing you love and positivity today. With love, McKenz.

This Winter I was constantly reaching for my heaviest knit sweaters. I prefer white and black sweaters because they pair perfectly with everything from jackets, scarves, to socks. This one is one of my favorites and was purchased from Old Navy.

Flannels are another one of my favorite layering pieces. you can wear them open, buttoned up, or tied around the waist. I love pairing them with a sweater over top and than adding matching socks for a comfy and cute look. This one is from Old Navy.

My army jacket is one of my most loved clothing pieces. It looks perfect with so many outfits and is one of my favorite colors to wear (olive green.) I purchased this one form TJ Maxx for only twenty dollars.

Scarves make every outfit instantly cuter and you warmer! My favorite one is this off white and black blanket scarf with a plaid print. These look cute with dresses, flannels, jackets, and even just a solid black tshirt.

I always wanted a pair of black booties and my wish came true this Christmas. This pair is from Steve Madden and are so comfy and stylish. They look classy and make every outfit look super modest and well put together.

My Kate Spade watch is my favorite watch in my collection. I wear it everyday and it looks perfect with almost any outfit. (Check out Nordstrom Rack for super cheap designer watches.)

Alex and Anis are some of my favorite accessories. I love all the happy sayings. My favorite ones are the “crown”, the “everything happens for a reason”, and the “live a happy life”.

Brown riding boots are a necessity in every girls closet along with a good white pair of leg warmers. They look perfect with all outfits and are both timeless pieces that will never go out of style.






Liebster Award

Hey friends it’s a super exciting day here on StyledByMcKenz. As I was sitting in English class Wednesday morning I was so excited to see that I was tagged in my first blogger award, The Liebster Blog Award by my friend here on WordPress, Gabrielle (thecaffeinatedstylist.wordpress.com) Thank you so much girly, you made my day!


The rules:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you in your post and link back to their site
  • Answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you
  • Tell your readers 11 random facts about you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the Liebster award
  • Ask your nominees to answer 11 questions

What is your favorite thing to Netflix binge?

My favorite show on Netflix is Gossip Girl. I love the plot, the scenery, the clothes, and of course Chuck and Blair. I’m currently on Season five and have never been so addicted to a show before.

What song do you listen to on repeat?

I’m always listening to  “How To Save A Life” by The Fray, any Adele song, and “Banana Pancakes” and “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. I would chose music with a meaning over music I don’t understand any day.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?

My favorite mode of transportation is walking because something about it is so relaxing and fun. However, I also love the whole atmosphere of the airport and the view from an airplane.

What is your favorite form of exercise?

I’ve grown up in a world of cheerleading and have never really had to rely on any other way to stay in shape. Although Celia and I try and walk together everyday during the summer.

If you could learn a new skill what would it be?

If I could chose any skill to acquire it would have to be to learn how to sew decently. i dreamed of being a fashion designer as a kid and really wish I was talented when it came to the sewing machine and drawing.

If you were reincarnated into an ice cream flavor what would it be and why?

If I was reincarnated into an ice cream I would chose vanilla. Even though it’s not my favorite flavor I feel like you can never go wrong with it and everyone likes it.

If you could be any fictional character who would you chose?

If I could be any fictional character I would definitely chose to be Andy from “The Devil Wears Prada” which is one of my all time favorite books. I would love to work at Vogue Magazine and live the glamorous life she did.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

This s a tough one but I think I would name the autobiography of my life “Rollercoaster” simply because life is full of up and down moments but it’s our choice as to what to classify them as.

What story do your friends always tell about you?

I honestly don’t know how to answer this question but my friends always tell other people about my blog!

When was the last time you had an amazing meal?

Last night we had steak fajitas, rice, corn, and beans and it was delicious! It’s one of my favorite meals.

Here are the eleven girls I’m nominating:

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Here are the questions:

If you could spend the day with one celebrity who would it be and why?

What is your ultimate life goal?

If you could be any wild animal what would you chose?

What is your favorite way to destress?

If you could spend your last day with one person who would you chose and why?

What do you want to be remembered for?

Have you ever thought of running away?

Who’s your style icon?

If you could listen to only one somg for the rest of your life what would it be?

Which person hold the greatest influence on you?





Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #10

Happy Sunday, friends! This week our girls basketball team lost in the second round of playoffs making it the last game I’ll ever cheer for freshman year, had 70 degree weather on Monday and snow on Thursday, spent lots of time with God, had Friday night plans that took a turn and ended up being for the better, and got to hang out with my eight closest friends on Saturday morning. I am so happy with where I stand in life right now and it’s true what they say; you are a reflection of those you surround yourself with. This week I clutched my stomach because it hurt to laugh so hard more than once. Those are the moments I’ll cherish forever. Entering the week ahead with a full heart and a positive attitude. Love you all and am so thankful for the endless love and support. With love, McKenz.

2.29.16-  Happy Lead day everyone! Starting the week off in my new maroon dress and favorite shoes. Turns out Sasha and Olivia decided to dress up too so we decided to take a few pictures of us during lunch. Shout out to Jeanie!!

Outfit Details- dress: Old Navy, laced up flats: Old Navy, watch: Kate Spade, necklaces: Forever 21 and Charming Charlie, bracelets: Alex and Ani

3.1.16- Starting off March with my palazzo pants which are so comfy and my favorite eye makeup look for our last girls basketball game of the season.

Outfit Details- sweater: Old Navy, palazzo pants: Kohls, watch: Kate Spade, flats: Target, bracelets: Alex and Ani, Charming Charlie, and DSW, necklace: Forever 21

3.2.16- Bundling up today for the windy weather and sporting my favorite stack of bracelets consisting of all my favorite Alex and Anis.

Outfit Details- sweater: Old Navy, scarf: Old Navy, jeans: Hollister, socks: Kohls, riding boots: Target, watch: Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani, DSW, and Charming Charlie

3.3.14- Mother Nature decided to bring us a few inches of snow tonight, unfortunately it wasn’t enough to delay or cancel school but it looked gorgeous outside regardless.

Outfit Details- turtle neck: Hollister, distressed girlfriend jeans:  Gap, shoes: Converse, watch: Kate Spade

3.4.16- Jeanie, Madison, and I made plans on a Friday night for the first time in forever. Went out and had so much fun hula hooping with Tyler in the middle of Target.

Outfit Details- sweater: Old Navy, flannel: Old Navy, scarf: Old Navy, jeans; Hollister, leg warmers: Kohls, riding boots: Target, watch: Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlie

3.5.16- Early morning Dunkin run with Savage Friends and than hanging out and playing basketball with Celia, Jeanie, and Colleen in the park. So thankful for all my girls that make my days better.

Outfit Details- army jacket: TJ Maxx, tshirt: American eagle, necklace: Forever 21, jeans: Hollister, lace up flats: Old Navy, watch: Kate Spade

3.6.16- Reminiscing through my pictures from competition day and found this gem of me and Kalynn. Miss her and competing so badly. So happy to start the new week off with a clean slate.

Outfit Details- stayed in pajamas all day, tshirt: Target, pajama pants: Old Navy


One Shirt Four Seasons

Good morning and happy Wednesday friends. I am starting this morning with a full heart and putting my trust in the Lord. Psalams 54:6 says “I will praise your name, Lord, for it is good.” I hope you all are having a fabulous day and will continue to spread happiness with others throughout the day. Today i am going to be sharing with you how to style one shirt throughout four different seasons. With everybody scattered around the country, I’m fully aware that the temperatures and climate are different. In fact, it was sixty degrees on Monday and are supposed to be getting snow this afternoon. The weather here is basically bipolar which is why I felt this blog post might help some of my fellow readers that are suffering from the same struggles. I hope you enjoy, don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram @StyledByMcKenz. With love, McKenz.


The tank top that I’m styling in all four seasons is from Old Navy. I have it in fie other colors and it’s only $9.99. You can find it in stores and online, it’s high neck, light weight, and is best if left out to air dry.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Spring: This is one of my most reached for outfits in the Spring. It keeps me some what covered up and with my huge statement necklace and sandal collection it’s easy for me to create endless outfits that are classy and chic.

Outfit Details: tank top- Old Navy, jeans- Hollister, sandals- Bass&Co, statment necklace- Charming Charlie, necklace- Forever 21, watch- Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlie

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Summer: This is the best outfit for going out and walking around. These are my favorite walking shoes and my favorite purse which is so roomy and can fit so much. I’m also wearing some distressed denim shorts to break up all the girliness.

Outfit Details: tank top- Old Navy, jean shorts- American Eagle, knock off Birkenstocks- Target, necklace- Forever 21, bracelets- Alex and Ani, watch- Kate Spade, sunglasses- Fossil, purse- Old Navy

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Fall: My absolute staple color in the fall time is maroon. These jeans are some of my favorite and look perfect paired with my lace up flats. Add a cardigan for when the weather turns brisk and you’re good to go.

Outfit Details: tank top- Old Navy, cardigan- Gap, cropped maroon jeans- American Eagle, lace up flats- Old Navy, watch- Kate Spade, necklace- Forever 21, bracelets- Alex and Ani and Charming Charlie


Winter: Everybody knows my army jacket is a huge staple in my closet. I’m pairing mine with a scarf , leg warmers, and matching boots to provide warmth, an extra layer, and a super cute vibe.

Outfit Details: army jacket- TJ Maxx, tank top- Old Navy, jeans- Hollister, leg warmers- Fransescas, riding boots- Target, scarf- gifted, watch- Kate Spade, bracelets- Alex and Ani and Charming Charlie