Makeup Regrets

With a makeup collection the size of mine it’s inevitable to come across a few products that aren’t your favorite. Today I am here to share with you some makeup products that I’ve purchased and didn’t love/ weren’t worth the money. Before I begin I want to make sure everybody knows that I love all these brands and have favorite products from all these companies as well. These reviews are just based off my own personal experiences with them. 🙂 Wishing you endless happy days. With love, McKenz.


Stila Brighten & Correct Concealer- I bought this concealer on clearance from Nordstrom Rack and although I do love the consistency of this concealer it’s rather orange and leaves an odd looking ring around the area I apply it to.


NYX Glam Shadow in Moonrock- I love NYX products especially their jumbo eye pencils but for some reason this single eyeshadow just does not work for me. I found the color to be unflattering on my blue eyes and the formula to be quite patchy. Try the Covergirl single shadows if you’re looking for a good quality shadow and are on a budget.


Covergirl Outlast Lipcolor- I bought this lip stain so I could wear it throughout cheer competitions. Although it does everything it claims and has great pigmentation it is so drying on the lips so I highly recommend using Vaseline before. I tend to reach for my Essence Lipsticks that work just as well.IMG_9007.JPG

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush- When this product came out I was obsessed with it, as I’ve become more experienced with makeup I realized that there isn’t really any convenient way to apply this blush, not to mention it doesn’t blend the best. Check out the ELF Blush and Bronzer Duo if you’re looking for a blush that is pigmented, is easily bendable, and is long wearing


Benefit Posie Tint- When I first heard about Posie Tint I thought it was the coolest thing. It’s basically a liquid blush that can also be used as a lip stain. However, this product does not blend at all and look quire patchy when applied on to the cheeks. I do love this product on the lips but for the price, you can find products just as good at the drugstore!IMG_9004.JPG

Covergirl Eye Enhancers in Country Woods– Some of my favorite drugstore eyeshadows are from Covergirl but for some reason this specific eyeshadow quad had almost no pigmentation and was quite chalky. Check out any of the other shades though, they are awesome!


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