3 Ways To Style A Leather Jacket

Happy Wednesday everybody! Today I am going to be showing you three different ways to style your leather jacket! I dressed up as Sandy from the movie Grease for Halloween last year and needed a leather jacket. So I went out and bought this one from the kids section at Target for $20.00. If I’m being honest, I haven’t reached for this jacket since Halloween, so when I was requested to style a leather jacket I was up for the challenge on finding a few different ways to wear mine. I hope you guys enjoy the looks I’ve put together. Stay smiling today. With love, McKenz.



This first look is my favorite. I figured most people have either a white or black tank top somewhere in the back of their closet which is why I chose this clothing item for the outfit. I decided to cuff my jeans with this outfit and wear my lace up flats to add a chic feel to my already edgy outfit.

Outfit Details: jacket- Target, tank- Old Navy, jeans- Hollister, lace up flats- Old Navy, necklaces- Charming Charlie and Forever 21, watch- Kate Spade, bracelets- Alex and Ani


I love flannels and I know most people do so I decided to pair my black and white one with a fitted, black t-shirt to break up the draped feeling that my jacket and flannel create when combined. I paired my black and white converse with this look to keep it monochromatic. But, feel free to switch it up with a colored flannel or even a fun pop by adding a colored shoe or purse!

Outfit Details: jacket- Target, flannel- Old Navy, t-shirt- Target, jeans- Hollister, shoes- Converse, watch- Kate Spade, necklaces- Charming Charlie and Forever 21


I love this outfit for a time when it’s super cold outside and you’re in need of pairing durable shoes with a stylish top. For this look I simply zipped up my jacket and added a white scarf to match my boot socks. Feel free to add as many layers as possible under this to fully bundle up!

Outfit Details: jacket- Target, scarf- Old Navy, jeans- Hollister, boot socks- Kohls, rain boots- Nordstrom Rack, watch- Kate Spade


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