Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #7

Hey friends happy Valentines day! I hope you all have eaten lots of junk food, watched too many sappy movies, and shed just a few tears. I, on the other hand, have been up and on the move since nine a.m. working and planning blog posts. I’m just glad that tomorrow we don’t have school due to Presidents’ Day so I can sleep in late, catch up on YouTube videos, and catch up on my blog reading. I wanted to thank all of my 350 followers on Instagram, you guys are awesome! I hope you’ve found true happiness this past week, because I have realized that you can’t have a happy life without a happy mind. Wishing you the best. Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours. With love, McKenz.

2.8.16 – I love looking down and seeing all nine of my Alex and Anis stacked together, they’re all so cute and make me so happy.

Outfit Details – shirt: Athleta, sweater: Old Navy, scarf: Steve Madden, jeans: Hollister, socks: Kohls, boots: DSW, watch: Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani

2.9.16- I adore cheering for boys basketball; and even though we lost terribly tonight, I love having everyone together. On top of this, our school’s pom squad had their senior night and we got to wish them well as they all enter the next chapter of their lives.

Outfit Details – sweater: Old Navy, scarf: not sure, sorry guys!!, jeans: Hollister, socks: Kohls, rain boots: Nordstrom Rack, watch: Macys

2.10.16 – “Happy are those who trust in the Lord.” I love this bible verse so much because it’s a constant reminder to have faith in the Lord because He is always leading us to better things.

Outfit Details – jacket: TJ Maxx, flannel: Old Navy, sweater: Gap, jeans: Hollister, boot toppers: Fransesca’s, riding boots: Target, watch: Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlie

2.11.16 – ¬†Celebrating one of my best friends, Celia’s, fifteenth birthday with a little throwback from homecoming. Madison and I miss you more and more everyday and wish you would come back to us. )-:

Outfit Details – sweater: Loft, necklace: Charming Charlie, jeans: Hollister, lace up flats: Old Navy, watch: Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani

2.12.16 – Layering up for one of the coldest days of the year and slaying every makeup game today. My happiness today is found in my daily eye pic, today’s is curtain edition, lol.

Outfit Details – shirt: H&M, flannel: Old Navy, jean jacket: Kohls, leggings: Victoria’s Secret Pink, leg warmers: Kohls, riding boots: Target, watch: Kate Spade, necklace: Forever 21

2.13.16 – Today my best friend Jeanie and the rest of our pom squad became Division One County Champs. It makes my heart smile to see her and the rest of the team as happy as they were. This year our small little hick town captured state titles in football and wrestling and county titles in cheerleading and poms; I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this town.

Outfit Details – shirt: school, cardigan: Abercrombie Kids, necklace: Forever 21, jeans: Hollister, leg warmers: Kohls, riding boots: Target, watch: Kate Spade

2.14.16 – I love my daddy who surprised me this morning with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers that had some sunflowers mixed in which are my absolute favorite!! Now curled up on the couch and watching Gossip Girl!

Outfit Details: shirt: Target, workout leggings: Target





3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up #7

  1. since your skin is so flawless i would think you know something to keep it free of acne that i don’t!! my skin is very oily as well so something about that would be nice too, thank you!!!!!


    1. hey girl!! My skin is dry to normal and has always been pretty clear with some acne here and there, I use cetaphil face wash and then a clean and clear expholiater! my sister has oily skin and I recommend going to a dermatologist and checking out the icy face brand!


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