Essence Lipstick Review

Hi friends, happy February! I’m sending my apologies for having no post yesterday but it was the first day of my second semester and I was cheering for boys basketball throughout the evening. In case you didn’t know i’m a freshman in high school and a Varsity cheerleader which keeps me completely swamped for a good portion of the year. Fortunately right now is basketball season which means I’m down to about two games a week, last night being one of them. Besides the point, today I’m here to review my favorite lipsticks on the market which are from Essence.


IMG_7562The Essence Long Lasting Lipstick sells at Ulta for only $2.99 a pop, which makes my wallet smile. I find that these lipsticks are very pigmented, non-drying, affordable, and always on my lips. This specific lipstick comes in nine different shades, I own three and will be providing swatches, color names, and individual reviews on each one.



#03 “Dare To Wear” Although red lipstick is not my favorite and I tend to reach towards pinks and nudes, I find that the blue undertones in this lipstick make your teeth appear whiter. I also find this lipstick to be the most pigmented and the one that lasts the longest out of the six I own.


#06 “Barely There” This dark nude is my second favorite out of the bunch, it’s slightly brown but looks stunning on people with olive green undertones, I highly recommend this one if you’re looking for a lippie that matches all eye looks.


#07 “Natural Beauty” is a slight enhancement of one’s natural lip color. I find the light pink super flattering and compliments any and all skin tones. I’ve used this on multiple people and it never fails me.


#09 “Wear Berries” Around homecoming time in October I was planning on wearing a berry lip and a matching nail. When I looked at the color sticker I had intended it to be darker but considering I don’t even like dark lips that much I was pleased to see that this berry was slightly lighter than I expected.


#12 Blush My Lips I love a bright pink in the warmer months and considering this lipstick is hydrating I find it a must have and a win win situation. I hate the fact that lipsticks lacking blue undertones make your teeth appear yellower, this one is an exception.


#15 “Oh So Matt!” This is my absolute favorite out of the six I have, it’s one of the palest lipsticks I own and matches everything. Also, I find that it compliments my skin tone so nicely. Considering I almost always have on warm toned eye shadows I feel that a nude lip makes the look appear complete all around.


Thank you so much for all of the love and support. Please leave any requests if you have them and don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram @StyledByMcKenz. I hope you have a happy Tuesday and the rest of the week. With love, McKenz.

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