Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #5

Happy Sunday everybody, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. I’m here today to share with you another Weekly Wrap Up, full of my outfits of the week (flat lay edition) and my happiness posts. I can’t believe I’ve already been on the blog for a whole month! Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback and three hundred followers on Instagram, I really appreciate it. This week was a full blown snow week and full of my two favorite colors, olive green and off white. Stay happy my friends and have a great week ahead. With love, McKenz.


1.25.16-Starting the week off with a snow day and a new show. I just finished The Carrie Diaries and decided to move onto Gossip Girl. I love it so much and Blake Lively has such great style which makes it worth watching.

Outfit Details- sweater: Gap, shirt: H&M, necklace: Charming Charlies, jeans: Hollister, watch: Target, leg warmers: Francescas, booties: Steve Madden

1.26.16- A full day of blogging calls for work out wear and organizing my closet to make it pretty again. I love seeing all my velvet hangers perfectly lined up and my sweaters in colored order.

Outfit Details- zip up: Under Armour, sports bra: Nike, leggings: Target, sneakers: Merrell, watch: Kohls

1.27.16- Filming my first makeup tutorial to go up on the blog soon, and taking pictures in the snow with my sweet, Abby all while wearing my hippie pants which bring a huge smile to my face no matter what day.

Outfit Details- shirt: Gap, pants: Kohls, shoes: Old Navy, bracelets: Alex and Ani, watch: Kohls, necklace: Forever 21

1.28.16- Went on a Dunkin run with my bff Jeanie and ordered my favorite, a small mango tropical smoothie before I got my hair done. Can not explain the feeling of fresh, healthy, hair. One of the simplest things that makes me inevitably happy.

Outfit Details- sweater: Old Navy, scarf: Steve Madden, jeans: Hollister, rain boots: Nordstrom Rack, socks: Hunter, watch: Kate Spade

1.29.16- I saw this quote on Twitter as I was scrolling trough my feed and it really spoke to me. I realized that confidence is the prettiest thing to wear and it comes solely from within.

Outfit Details- jacket: TJ  Maxx, sweater: Target, jeans: Hollister, socks: Kohls, booties: Steve Madden, watch: Kate spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlies

1.30.16- More olive green and white and a friendly reminder that Jesus loves you no matter what. These words are written in the ground right outside of our nearest Chipotle, a friendly reminder to everyone who walks by.

Outfit Details- sweater- TJ Maxx, jeans- TJ Maxx, leg warmers- Kohls, riding boots- Target, watch- Kate Spade, bracelets- Alex and Ani and Charming Charlies

1.31.16- Nothing I love more than freshly painted white nails. White is my favorite color to wear because it never fails to make you look tan, even in the dead of the winter.

Outfit Details- hat: Old Navy, shirt: Gap, jeans: Hollister, socks: Kohls, booties: Steve Madden, watch: Kate Spade, bracelets: Alex and Ani and Charming Charlies


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