5 Things To Do While You’re Snowed In

I know I’m not the only one snowed in right now due to Winter Storm Jonas. With a total of twenty seven inches and having off of school today and already having knowledge of tomorrows closure, I’m kicking back and relaxing. I know that being snowed in sometimes sucks but today I’m rounding out five activities to do while being snowed in. So if you’re bored and in need of something to do other than watching movies and stuffing your face with food than sit down and stick around. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram @Styledbymckenz. Wishing you nothing but happiness this week. With love, McKenz.

Activity #1: Organize Your Closet- I know it’s tedious at times, but you’ll always feel better after giving your closet a good cleaning. If you haven’t worn that top in over six months, toss it; it’s probably better for your own good and your closet space. Hang up all your clothes, clean your shoes, and make your mess an organized one!

Activity #2: Read a Book- I adore reading so snow days allow me to lay in bed and read away. Right now I’m reading See Me by Nicholas Sparks and have Girl Boss on my list next.


Activity #3: Look Through Old Magazines- I’ve received Seventeen magazine and Teen Vouge magazine every month for years and I love letting my collection stack up on my book shelf. Today I went through and reread a few, ripped out some of my style inspiration, and wrote down some trends I’m tempted to try soon.

Activity #4: Have A Spa Day- It’s always nice to take a bubble bath with a face mask on while painting your nails and listening to Ed Sheran’s album on repeat considering it will never get old. It’s nice to spend time with yourself and unwind after so many stressful days of studying for exams.IMG_7255.JPG

Activity #5: Look Through Your Makeup Collection- Trust me, I am fully aware that my makeup collection is rather large for the average fourteen year old which is why i like to go though my collection every now and then and toss all the old stuff and organize the new.IMG_7257.JPG


2 thoughts on “5 Things To Do While You’re Snowed In

  1. Great snow day ideas! Luckily Jonas mostly missed us here in New England (we got 6 inches in my area) but usually we are bombarded and we still have all of February to go so I’m sure I’ll have time to put these ideas to use! I also keep all my beauty supplies in those plastic bin towers too 🙂


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