Weekly Wrap Up

52 Weeks of Happiness

Despite the obstacles life is bound to throw at you, it’s important to remember that everything happens for a reason. Happiness depends solely on yourself and that’s something that I didn’t comprehend right away. In June of 2015, I decided to participate in the ‘100 Happy Days’ campaign. It challenged me to find the good in every single day no matter how crappy I was feeling. Not only did I find happiness in myslef, I found happiness in others. The world around us is thriving with good but it’s your choice to go out and seek it. God is so good and the ‘100 Happy Days’ campaign truly did open my eyes up to realize this. Not only did I start to inspire myself, I started to inspire others. When the challenge came to an end several people came to me saying that they loved this campaign and they loved seeing how good life is if you dig a little deeper. So in 2016, I’ve decided to start something called 52 Weeks of Happiness. Something I’ve started myself, where I find something or someone that has positively influenced me each day and upload it here on Styled by McKenz. Pictures will be uploaded every Sunday along with an overview of what I’ve worn every single day of the week. Wishing everyone a fabulous first week of the year; make it great or not, the choice is yours.

With love,

One thought on “52 Weeks of Happiness

  1. You are far smarter than most McKenz! You definitely encourage people to life a full and happy life. I know you had me looking for the good in each and every day even though I might have been having a crappy one!!! I thank you for that and can’t wait to see your 52 Happy weeks!! So glad you’re you!!!


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